Gosainkund & Helambu – day 4

Trip report by site editor Rick McCharles

Gopte 3439m – Mangengoth 3420m

Good morning Gopte.



Nepali toilets are as unsanitary as any in the world. I walked past down the mountain past this one to do my business.



There’s a strange and popular instrument here, called the sarangi, with a carved dragon? head. Something like a fiddle. But with only 4 strings. Nepali Bluegrass. πŸ™‚


Starting out today late, I’m happy to be still above the clouds. πŸ™‚


Have you ever seen frost like this? Like hair?



Nobody talks about distance in the Himalaya, only elevation change. Today I dropped only 19m, my easiest day yet. I wanted a rest after the exhausting day over the Pass.

I stopped for lunch at Thatepati, the only hiker to do so that day. It’s a little off the beaten track.



Egg Veg Noodle soup, my usual.


High on a ridge, the owner had to make several trips down a day carrying up barrels of water. The Helambu trail is mostly on a ridge. And there’s not much water available on ridges.

Hotel Green View, Mangengoth came highly recommended. And it was worth the stopover.



One of the best viewpoints in Nepal is a 25min climb from the guest house. My first thought was to tent up there, to see both sunset and sunrise. The Green View owner (who looked ex-military) and another guide both felt that was a bad idea. I deferred to their judgement. Even hiking independently you get a lot of smothering advise in Nepal.



I walked down in the dark.


see all my high resolution photos from this day

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