add GPS to your iPod Touch

If you’re looking for a GPS for hiking in North America, this add-on will soon be available for about $180.

The GPS Navigation & Battery Cradle provides a complete navigation solution for the iPod touch, including the NavAtlas® turn-by-turn navigation app with TTS technology, and the latest U.S. and Canada maps.

Click PLAY or watch a demo on YouTube.

The Cradle features a built-in GPS Receiver, Rechargeable Battery, Amplified Speaker, Audio Out connection and Mini USB port. An Adjustable Windshield Mount is included for in-car use.

The Cradle, which resembles a thin battery case, is super portable and can be used for in-car navigation (with the provided fully adjustable windshield mount) as well as for handheld use. The built-in GPS receiver provides GPS data to most location-based apps. The NavAtlas app, which works exclusively with the Cradle, will be available on the iTunes App Store for free.

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Will the next generation Touch have GPS built in?

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