#AskCicerone: Walking in Europe

Cicerone is by far the best publisher of guidebooks for hiking Europe.

Podcast episode 28 gives an overview of their 162 guidebooks to Europe.

Too many good choices in that continent. This is a good place to start.

#AskCicerone: Walking and trekking in Europe

Listen here.

10 Adventures podcast

One of my favourite outdoors podcasts is 10 Adventures.

Check it out.

A good starting point is their interview with Jim Kern on how to Save America‘s Outdoors.

… As the founder of the Florida Trail, co founder of the American hiking society, and president of Big City Mountaineers, Jim has led an awe-inspiring life and career that has gone far beyond the scope of just his own adventures, helping at-risk youth by introducing them to the outdoors and inspiring real change. …

EP-119 VIA ALPINA: One of the best long distance treks in the Alps The 10Adventures Podcast

This week we talk with Brad Bowers, who completed the Via Alpina Yellow in 2022.  The Via Alpina is a series of long distance walks that goes through the Alps. there are five trails, each a different colour (Red Trail, Purpole Trail, Yellow Trail, Green Trail and Blue Trail). Brad talks about his experience on the Yellow Via Alpina, which goes from Trieste in Italy to Obertsdorf in Germany. Along the way the trail goes through the Julian Alps, Carnic Alps, Dolomites, Ötztal Alps, Lechtal Alps and finally the Allgäu Alps. If you want to learn more, check out Brad's YouTube video series, which are a great way to see the different stages on the Via Alpina.
  1. EP-119 VIA ALPINA: One of the best long distance treks in the Alps
  2. EP-118 CYCLING AMERICA: Cycling 10,000+ miles around the perimeter of the Continental US for Charity
  3. EP-117 THE ALPS: Great treks like the Tour du Mont Blanc, Tour of the Matterhorn, Haute Route to Zermatt and more!
  4. EP-116 SLOVENIA: Explore this up-and-coming adventure destination
  5. EP-115 ENGLAND & WALES: Ideal active holiday destinations
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