#AskCicerone: Walking in Europe

Cicerone is by far the best publisher of guidebooks for hiking Europe.

Podcast episode 28 gives an overview of their 162 guidebooks to Europe.

Too many good choices in that continent. This is a good place to start.

#AskCicerone: Walking and trekking in Europe

Listen here.

10 Adventures podcast

One of my favourite outdoors podcasts is 10 Adventures.

Check it out.

A good starting point is their interview with Jim Kern on how to Save America‘s Outdoors.

… As the founder of the Florida Trail, co founder of the American hiking society, and president of Big City Mountaineers, Jim has led an awe-inspiring life and career that has gone far beyond the scope of just his own adventures, helping at-risk youth by introducing them to the outdoors and inspiring real change. …

Explore Bolivia: Trekking, Hiking and Sightseeing The 10Adventures Podcast

On this episode we dive into Bolivia’s vivacious culture and endless adventure travel possibilities. From the altiplano, the valleys, and the tropical lowlands, the diversity of the country’s topographies yields beautiful sceneries and unforgettable memories. Explore Madidi National Park, Lake Titicaca, trek Illampu or hike the famous Uyuni Salt Flats– this country is an outdoor enthusiasts haven!   Tune in as our host Richard is joined by co-host Karin to discuss all things Bolivia with Veronica and Hugo of Thaki Travel. Indulge in the amazing gastronomy, visit the famous tourist attractions and venture off the beaten path for an immersive experience. Bolivia’s unparalleled beauty, rich history, ethnical and linguistic diversity are just a few of the reasons why you need to explore this South American gem!   Feeling inspired? Check out Thaki Travel’s Bolivia Adventure Tour, Bolivian Amazonia Tour, or the Andes Multisport Tour. Follow us on Instagram  @10Adventures for more adventure travel inspiration.
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