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That excellent video was a promo piece for the (now inactive), a peer-to-peer tours and activities marketplace.

It features community-sourced photos, videos, and first-person narratives as it sits in maintenance mode. CAMPING.

Here’s the story – Failed But What Did It Do Right and Wrong?


151 best Backpacking & Hiking sites

As chosen by Happy to Survive.

Some of my personal favourites are listed. As well as Twice! 🙂

4. Alastair Humphreys

21. Florida Hikes

36. Hike Bike Travel

37. Hiking in Finland

52. Our Hiking Blog

67. The Hiking Life

106. Trailspotting



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Pumalín Park, Chili

Pumalín Park (Spanish: Parque Pumalín) is a … private nature reserve in the Palena Province of Chile, created by the United States environmental foundation The Conservation Land Trust, which was endowed and led by the American business magnate Douglas Tompkins. …

We dropped into to the head office of this private park in Puerto Varas to get an update on progress.

Facilities have expanded since I visited Pubalin 11 years ago. The official map now has 17 campsites, 12 official short trails, 4 hotsprings. We were told there are no official overnight hikes. Yet.


Their website is posted in Spanish and English.

On December 8, 2015, Tompkins was kayaking with five others on General Carrera Lake in southern Chile when strong waves caused their kayaks to capsize. Tompkins spent a “considerable amount of time” in waters 40 °F (4 °C) below. He was flown via helicopter to a hospital in nearby Coyhaique, where he died hours later from severe hypothermia. He was 72 years old …


Top 25 Hiking Blogs

Check out some of these. I probably link most to The Hiking Life.

The top sites that made this list are ranked according to Alexa (33.3%), Domain Authority (33.3%), Page Authority (33.3%) indicators. …

The Adventure Junkies


NZtracker – Milford | Kepler | Routeburn

It can be difficult to get a booking for these famous New Zealand hikes. Especially Milford. will send you email alerts for available huts so that you can immediately book the most beautiful tracks in the world.

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Krokodilberg Trail, South Africa

South Africa is a fantastic hiking destination.

MG & Eras have been exploring the hikes outside JoBurg.

Check a sample – the 11.3km Krokodilberg Trail:

Hennops River offers three trails just 45 minutes from Johannesburg. With no pre-booking necessary over weekends and an on-the-spot entrance fee, it really does put all our excuses to shame. The Krokodilberg route is just over 11 km, with the shorter Zebra and Dassie routes available for the moderate to less keen.

We arrive later than we would have liked and stand prepping in the parking lot with a group of friends, applying handfuls of sun cream to already sweaty skin. …

So Far …


Here are the other trails they’ve posted, so far.