Trans Canada Trail OR Great Trail?

A branding expert could use this as a marketing blunder.

NOBODY knows what to call the ever evolving 24,000+ km network of greenways, waterways, trails, and roadways.

Official website:

As of June 1, 2021, the name of The Great Trail of Canada has changed back to its original name, and is once again known as the iconic Trans Canada Trail. …

Back in 2016, we decided to separate the name of our organization (Trans Canada Trail) from the name of the physical trail (The Great Trail), as a way to celebrate and highlight the significant milestone of connection in 2017.

SO …

  1. The 4560km non-motorized is called THE GREAT TRAIL
  2. The organization is called TRANS CANADA TRAIL

I’m pleased nobody will ever be confused on that again. 😐

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Va’ Sentiero – 7000 km through Italy

Va’ Sentiero is a grassroot project, thanks to the spontaneous contribution of thousands of people.

Three friends — Yuri, Sara, Giacomo — invented the route.

Today they are documenting the adventure with a team of seven.

So far, at least 1500 hikers have joined them at various stages. It’s open to all.

details –

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Thanks Jeff.

Whatever happened to the Chilean Trail?

The Sendero de Chile (“Chilean Trail”) project was launched in the year 2000 by the Chilean government to celebrate the country’s 2010 bicentenary of independence from Spain. …

 It was announced that the national trail network … signposted paths through the length of Chile covering approximately 8,500 km of trails. …

The ambitious plans suffered substantial setbacks and no continuous longer trail was created. 


As of 2021 there are still dreams of continuing the project.

In 2020 the Foundation was looking at connecting the Aconcagua and Maipo rivers, through the cordillera de la Costa, between La Calera and Melipilla, passing through another 13 communes on their way, of approximately 170 km of length.

Thru-Hiker Clara “Redfeather” Hughes

In Canada, Clara Hughes is a household name.

A legend, she won multiple Olympic medals in both Summer and Winter Games — 6 medals total. The only person ever to have won multiple medals in both.

BUT she met her husband, Peter Guzman, on the AT.

And went on to become a legendary thru-hiker.

#114 | How to Afford a Thru-Hike Backpacker Radio

In today's episode of Backpacker Radio presented by The Trek, we are bringing you another advice based show.  Today's episode is all about how to afford a thru-hike, which includes overall tips for how to budget, how much to budget, what items you can skimp on, what items you should splurge on, tools for automating the process, and much more.    We wrap the show with a triple crown of items that we love for less than $25, a wild story about a multi-day grizzly bear attack, and we discuss whether a calendar year triple crown is anti-thetical to the thru-hiking ethos.   QOTD: How long is the lifespan of a fly/mosquito? And why aren’t dead ones all over the ground?  BPR is doing a live podcast at Hop Haus in Fitchburg, Wisconsin from 6:00pm – 8:00pm on Friday, October 15. How to Afford a Thru-Hike ebook by Kelly Floro Tip #1 (Chaunce): Use apps that set aside money for you. Apps mentioned (not sponsored): Qapital Betterment  Acorns Wealthfront Tip #2 (Zach): Know what gear to splurge on. Specifically: Footwear Shelter Sleeping bag/quilt Tip #3 (Elise): Leverage the Financial Independence community (and finding your Coast FI number for peace of mind). Some FI resources: The Simple Path to Wealth by JL Collins Quit Like A Millionaire by Kristy Shen and Bryce Leung The Choose FI podcast  MoneywithKatie on Instagram Coast FI caclulator   Tip #4 (Chaunce): Budget smart while you’re actually on trail.  Tip #5 (Zach): Know where to skimp on gear. Specifically:  Headlamp Base layer Rain gear Water filter Sunglasses And more   Tip #6 (Elise): Figure out how much your life actually costs, then figure out how to cut further or earn more.  Tip #7 (Chaunce): Take on a side job where all earnings are specifically for thru-hiking. Some ideas: Uber/Lyft Instacart Rover   Tip #8 (Zach): Decide how much you think your thru-hike will cost, then add 20%. Tipe #9 (Elise): Surround yourself with people who either support your goals or have similar ones. SEGMENTS Trek Propaganda  Colleen Goldhorn’s Posts Triple Crown of things to spend $25 on Gross or Not Gross Zach being barefoot on an airplane Mail Bag Cinnamon Court  [divider] Check out our sound guy @Paulybooyshallcross. Subscribe to this podcast on iTunes (and please leave us a review)!  Find us on Spotify, Stitcher, and Google Play. Support us on Patreon to get bonus content. Advertise on Backpacker Radio Follow The Trek, Chaunce, Badger, and  Trail Correspondents on Instagram. Follow The Trek and Chaunce on YouTube. Follow Backpacker Radio on Tik Tok.  A super big thank you to our Chuck Norris Award winner(s) from Patreon: Andrew, Jason Lawrence, Christopher Marshburn, Sawyer Products, Brad and Blair (Thirteen Adventures), Brent Stenberg, and Patrick Cianciolo. A big thank you to our Cinnamon Connection Champions from Patreon: Cynthia Voth, Brandon Spilker, Emily Brown, Mitchell, Dcnerdlet, Jeff LaFranier, Peter Ellenberg, Jacob Northrup, Peter Leven, TraskVT, Lindsay Sparks, Liz Seger and Lisa Douglas. 
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