Rattlesnakes and Bald Eagles by Chris Townsend

When I was first getting into serious hiking one of my gurus was Chris Townsend.

And he’s still one of my gurus today.

Understated. Informative. Interesting.


He hiked the Pacific Crest Trail in 1982 averaging only 15 miles a day with the heavy equipment of that era.

In 2015 Chris published his account of that trip. I highly recommend it.

related – Keith Foskett – Chris Townsend Interview

PCT statistics 2016

381 completed surveys


  • SEX | 67% Male, 33% Female
  • AGE | 2% <20, 18% 20-24, 27% 25-29, 18% 30-35, 10% 35-39, 11% 40-49, 10% 50-59, 5% 60-69
  • AVERAGE AGE | 34 (σ = 11.8)
  • AVERAGE BASE WEIGHT (START) | 19.57 lb / 8.88 kg (σ = 9.4 lb / 4.3 kg)
  • AVERAGE BASE WEIGHT (END) | 16.51 lb / 7.49 kg (σ = 6.4 lb / 2.9 kg)
  • AVERAGE AMOUNT SPENT ON GEAR | $1,647.35 (σ = $1,245.86)
  • FINISH – AVERAGE AMOUNT SPENT ON ENTIRE HIKE | $6,053.75 (σ = $2,573.66)

What resource did you find MOST VALUABLEwhen planning your hike?

  1. Halfway Anywhere* 🙂
  2. Blogs
  3. Yogi’s PCT Handbook
  4. Halfmile
  5. Guthook
  6. Craig’s PCT Planner

Halfway Anywhere

The 400 mile Jordan Trail

Though segments of the 400-mile trail have existed for decades, the official “Jordan Trail” was announced earlier this year …

It’s the most epic, most ambitious trail in the region, stretching from Umm Quais in the north, passed 52 villages (including well-known Wadi Rum and Petra), before terminating at the Red Sea in the south. The 40-day hike was inspired by Petra’s architects, the Nabataeans, who used the route primarily for the spice trade. It follows King’s Highway (a trade route mentioned in the Bible), plus ancient Roman roads. …

The 55-mile stretch that connects Wadi Rum to Petra is among the most popular.  …

The Manual

In some sections you may have to carry 5 litres of water.

We’ve added the Jordan Trail to our list of best hikes in Africa and the Middle East.

A Walk with Mud – PCT north to south

I rated this trip journal 2/5 on Amazon.

Not enough hiking detail. Too much on the weird, strained relationship of Mud and Bug.

By the end I mostly felt sorry for Mud who seemed to be simply dealing with PTSD with marijuana and thru-hiking.

He might have been better off hiking alone.

It was the first north to south trip report I’d read. Sounds much more difficult than the usual south to north.

If you are vegan or vegetarian you might be interested. Both tried to observe a vegan diet on the trail.

A Walk with Mud: a story of two friends hiking from Canada to Mexico on the Pacific Crest Trail

Evliya Çelebi Way, Turkey

Candace Rose Rardon:

… while it was tempting to spend weeks getting lost in Istanbul, or exploring the dramatic rocky landscapes of Cappadocia, I eventually decided to devote my time in the country to a 350km (217 mi) trek. Solo.

When I set out for the journey from Istanbul, I had a sleeping bag, tent, and cooking essentials in my backpack, and was fully prepared to camp on all 22 nights of a cultural walking route called the Evliya Çelebi Way, which is named after a 17th-century Ottoman traveller and writer.

What actually transpired along the trail was a different story. In the end, I pitched my tent just four nights.

On the remaining nights, I was invited into the homes of more than a dozen Turkish families in the rural region of Anatolia, who always offered me a couch or bed to sleep on, a place at their round silver dinner tray, and endless cups of steaming tea, or çay. …


Here’s the guidebook — The Evliya Celebi Way

The Last Englishman: A Thru-Hiking Adventure on the Pacific Crest Trail

I enjoyed Keith Foskett’s Appalachian Trail book so much I downloaded his earlier memoir on the PCT.

This one is good too. Both humorous and introspective. The real deal.

Washington and Oregon are the highlights. He and two other last Englishmen were the last 3 hikers to make it to the Canadian border that year.

I’m continuing on to another of his books — Travelled Far: A Collection Of Hiking Adventures — available free from the author.


Sarah Jackson completes the Trans-Canada Trail

Alberta woman arrives in St. John’s to complete cross-country trail trek

After two years, 21,500 kilometers and hundreds of pictures, Sarah Jackson has finally made it from Victoria, B.C. to St. John’s, Newfoundland by walking the Trans-Canada Trail. She’s one of a small handful who have decided to tackle the whole length and the only woman to complete the whole thing from one end to the other. …

The trail (also known as The Great Trail) is the longest recreational trail in the world and currently connects 91% of the country. …

Jackson also documented her entire journey across Canada on Instagram and it looks BEAUTIFUL. …

The first woman to walk all 21,500 km of the Trans-Canada trail came back with some stunning photos

Grand Beach in Manitoba – the halfway point