Pacific Crest Trail GEAR 2022

Details on Mac’s Halfway Anywhere Pacific Crest Trail Hiker Survey (2022)

There is much, much more on the Halfway Anyway survey results page.

Chezwick – FASTEST Great Western Loop

Nick “Chezwick” Gagnon.

Thirteen pairs of hiking boots, 17 pairs of socks, and five headlamps. Nine U.S. states, six national parks, and 25 backpacker hostels. Approximately 15 million steps and 6,875.5 total miles.

These dizzying metrics come from hiker Nick Gagnon’s recent completion of the Great Western Loop, a massive thru-hike that links together sections of the Pacific Crest, Pacific Northwest, Continental Divide, Grand Enchantment, and Arizona trails in a nearly 7,000-mile circle.

Nobody knows how many hikers have completed the route, but only two others have documented their successful journeys: backpacker Jeff Garmire in 2018 and guide Andrew Skurka in 2007.

Garmier completed it in 208 days and 15 hours, while Skurka finished it in 213 days and six hours. …


Pa’lante V2 Backpack

I’m currently VERY happy with my Hyperlite.


But the Pa’lante V2 does have some features to envy.

And the $240 cost is very competitive.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Jupiter of JupiterHikes has used a series of Pa’lante packs on his thousands of miles of thru hikes. I found his personal review of the Pa’lante evolution both interesting and entertaining.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

1025km Michinoku Coastal Trail, Japan

Officially opened June 2019.

Recommended March to June and September to December.

The Michinoku Coastal Trail (みちのく潮風トレイル) is one of the ten Long Distance Nature Trail of Japan. …

…  a wide variety of landscapes, and different types of paths such as landmarked touristic roads, mountain trails, paved roads, old medieval roads …

… managed by a network of local governments, private groups, and volunteers. This network is headed by Michinoku Trail Club, a nonprofit corporation. …

It was selected one of National Geographics’s BEST places to go in the world 2020.

Official website (English)

The Great Divide Trail • Section A

The Great Divide Trail closely follows the Great Divide between Alberta and British Columbia

… southern terminus is in Waterton Lakes National Park at the Canada–US border (where it connects with the Continental Divide Trail) and its northern terminus is at Kakwa Lake in Kakwa Provincial Park, north of Jasper National Park.

The trail is 1,130 km (700 mi) long …

… only portions of it are officially recognized by Parks Canada and therefore is often not signed and occasionally not even an actual trail – merely a wilderness route.

At present, the Great Divide Trail is about 80% singletrack, 10% wilderness route and 10% old roads and ATV trails.

More maps.

Ratatrail says the section starting at the American border is toughest — and the most rewarding.

Watch his unique video on YouTube.

official website –

Oregon Coast Trail is NOT REALLY a Trail 😀

Forced off the Pacific Crest Trail due to forest fire, Ryan (Kodak) Brown and his partner Ilse Cinnamon Praet decided on Oregon, instead.

The two cofounded Wilderland Media.

It’s more of a ROUTE, not a continuous trail. More than 150 miles (240 km) of the route is on pavement.

Walked in its entirety, linking each trail/beach section, the distance is approximately 425 miles. …

The northern trailhead is at the base of the south jetty of the Columbia River, approximately 4 miles (6 km) north of the campground of Fort Stevens State Park and about 13 miles (21 km) from the city of Astoria.

The trail runs north-south along the entire Oregon Coast, following the shore as closely as practical.

For many portions of the route, it is beach walking, mostly on sand. In populated areas it often follows the nearest street to the shore.

Many parts of the trail leave the beach and take an inland path, usually where land formations make the shoreline impassable, such as at Cape Kiwanda.  …


Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

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