870-mile Wales Coast Path

The Wales Coast Path (WelshLlwybr Arfordir Cymru) is a long-distance footpathwhich follows, or runs close to, the majority of the coastline of Wales.

It opened on 5 May 2012, and offers a 870-mile (1,400 km) walking route from ChepstowMonmouthshire, in the south to near Chester, in the north. …

The idea was developed from a desire to build on the economic success of the Pembrokeshire Coast Path and the Isle of Anglesey Coastal Path. …

The whole path is accessible to walkers and, where practical, some sections are suitable for cyclists, families with pushchairs, people with restricted mobility, and horse riders. …

The Wales Coast Path is not a National Trail …

You can continue on Offa’s Dyke Path if you want to make a circuit. Guidebook author Paddy Dillon did just that while writing the book.

Read his 2015 article on the experience.

unreal Tasmanian Winter Traverse

One of the toughest journeys on foot … ever.

Louis-Phillipe Loncke …. This was an epic journey that left him exhausted, pushed to his limits, and 15 kg (33 pounds) lighter than when he set off.

The video below is from a new report aired in Australia that caught up with the Belgian adventurer just as he was crossing the finish line, providing some insights into what this journey was like. …

Adventure Blog

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Great Redwood Trail CA proposal

I’d fly to California to bike / hike this rails to trail.

It’s been proposed by California Sen. McGuire – SB 1029, The Great Redwood Trail Act.

details at GreatRedWoodtrail.org

related – The Great Redwood Trail would be great for North Coast

The new trail will bring economic benefits to the North Coast, where rural towns need such growth. Outdoor recreation already brings in more than $92 billion a year to California, nearly 700,000 jobs with more than $30 billion in wages and more $6 billion in local and state tax revenues.

Cargo walks 22,530km in 18 months

Ayear and a half and 22,530 kilometres after setting off from Ushuaia, in Patagonia, Holly ‘Cargo’ Harrison completed one of the world’s longest trails, walking north to Prudhoe Bay, Alaska in just 530 days.

He has thereby beaten his predecessor, a British explorer named George Meegan, who completed this journey in six years (1977-1983). Harrison averaged more than 24km every day, and once walked three times that amount within 24 hours. …

Holly Harrison’s 530-Day Walk

One highlight was walking the Darién Gap between Colombia and Panama with a local guide.

To his surprise, he was “treated like a king” by the insurgents, indigenous groups and traffickers. He described this experience as “the most enlightening part of the trip”. Unfortunately, as he arrived in Panama, he had his passport seized and was taken to a detention centre by Panamanian authorities …

The Great Divide Trail is TOUGH

  • snow
  • river crossings
  • wet feet
  • weather
  • permits
  • campsite reservations
  • resupply

The Great Divide Trail traverses the continental divide between Alberta and British Columbia, wandering through the vast wilderness of the Canadian Rocky Mountains for more than 1100 kilometres. …

The Great Divide Trail is not officially signed and not always even an actual trail, sometimes merely a wilderness route, inspiring modern-day adventurers to walk the same paths of the original explorers to the area. A journey on the Great Divide Trail promises to be demanding but on the GDT you’ll discover a definitive wilderness experience in one of the most magnificent settings on Earth.

Great Divide Trail Association

Click PLAY or watch some of the challenges on YouTube. (2014)

Still interested?

Why Not and Lady on a Rock are doing it. Grizzlies? What Grizzlies?

Start here – Off to Canada’s Great Divide Trail (July 1, 2018). Click through for day-by-day trip reports.

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NEW – Transcaucasian Trail

Over the next five years, the Transcaucasian Trail (TCT) project aims to develop a world-class, long-distance trail network across the Caucasus, linking roughly two dozen existing and proposed national parks in the region. The network will consist of two intersecting trail corridors, each roughly 1500 km long. One corridor, oriented east to west, will connect the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea, and the other, oriented north to south, will connect the Greater Caucasus and the Lesser Caucasus.



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