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One of the best hiking regions in the world is

At this point, we are NOT recommending tourists travel to Tibet for hiking. 


  • Tibet is quite different than Nepal and India, on the dryer side of the Himalaya
  • Tibet should be one of the best hiking destinations in the world
  • Amazing walking adventures include:
Advanced Everest Base Camp
East Mount Everest Base Camp – Kangshung Face
Mount Kailash
Gyama Valley
Tsurphu to Yangpachen
Mount Shishapangma Base Camp
  • unfortunately China bans most independent hiking by foreigners
  • government regulated guided hiking tours in the past have not got good reviews  
  • tours are often stopped due to one client getting symptoms of altitude sickness

Until China makes Tibet travel more tourist friendly, you’d be better off booking a hiking holiday elsewhere in the world.

BEST HIKES IN TIBET are listed on our Asia page.

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