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One of the best hiking regions in the world is the

Definitions of the Pacific Northwest region vary and there is no commonly agreed upon boundary, even among Pacific Northwesterners. A common conception of the Pacific Northwest includes … Oregon and Washington as well as British Columbia.


  • fantastic coastal adventures including the West Coast Trail, our #1 hike in the world
  • fantastic alpine hiking 
  • easy access via Seattle, Portland or Vancouver
  • best weather June through September. But there are many great options year round due to the comparatively mild climate
Kai Laborenz – West Coast Trail – Hole in the Wall


  • gorgeous temperate rain forest with old growth trees
  • plenty of wild life
  • very few biting insects 
  • it’s a photographers dream: sandstone monoliths, towers, and other unique geological structures
  • the tourist infrastructure is quite well developed 
  • surprisingly, public transport is excellent. You can reach many of the best hikes by ferry, public bus and shuttles
High Divide - 28
Mt Olympus – Olympic National Park – High Divide Loop
  • First Nations cultural and spiritual associations are wonderful
  • fascinating coastal geology and tidal pools


  • by far the biggest downside of this region is the weather
  • it can rain, rain, rain any day of the year
  • hypothermia is a real risk if you get wet
  • backcountry permits are required on most major hikes. Many limit the number of hikers allowed to start each day.
  • mobile phone service is sporadic
  • bears will be attracted to your food. Take every precaution.

See ALL Pacific N.W. BEST HIKES on our North America page.  

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