S America

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best hike

PERU – Central Andes TOP 10

CHILE – Patagonian Andes TOP 10

ARGENTINA – Patagonian Andes TOP 10

BOLIVIA – Central Andes TOP 10

ECUADOR – Central Andes TOP 10


  • La Travesia (Mucuy – Mérida)
  • Roraima <wiki><trip>
  • Angel Falls <wiki>
  • Kaieteur Falls, Guyana <wiki>




  • Shackleton’s Route, South Georgia Island <trip><trip>


  • Sendero de Chile <info>
  • Greater Patagonian Trail <wiki>
  • NEW Cordillera Blanca Traverse <site>

See the hikes on a custom Google map

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6 Replies to “S America”

  1. The Inca Trail to Machu Picchu is famous and known for its beautiful landscapes, from era of the Incas and many roads were part of ñan Capac, which mostly led to important population centers of the time, now because of the passage time, some assets are still, there is an alternative to this route the Inca Trail to Machu picchu will serve all travelers and lover of nature and hiking.

  2. Ancascocha Trek and the Lares trek to Machu Picchu

    It is a joy to recommend Action Peru Treks after recently completing both the Ancascocha Trek (5 days) and the Lares Trek (3 days). Fredy was our guide on the Ancascocha one and filled us with information about Incan history and culture as we saw various sites with ruins. The hikes were challenging, but he set a manageable pace and allowed us to enjoy the scenery and vast environments. Fredy has a passion for the history of Peru. It was especially nice to spend the fourth night in a hotel in Aguascalientes. It enabled us to feel refreshed to spend the fifth day exploring Machu Picchu and having Fredy introduce us to that special place. We climbed Huayna Picchu too, and I recommend that. After a rest day, we left with Saul on the Lares Trek with even higher passes. He also knows so much about the history, the lifestyles, the birds, and the landscape. We went over two high passes and were so blessed with perfect weather. In addition to the guides, the cooks, their assistants, and the horse handlers all made each day special and unique. We had asked for a vegetarian diet, and I was amazed at the variety, quality, and quantity of food. Action Peru is devoted to both its clients and its employees. When searching for a trip, please give them top consideration.

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