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One of the best hikes in the world

Tongariro Northern Circuit

Our favourite multi-day tramp in our favourite hiking region of the world — glorious New Zealand.  😎

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by Jeff Pang
by Jeff Pang


  • Tongariroone of our top 10 hikes in the world
  • non-stop superb hiking
  • mostly volcanic & desert environs
  • 45km (28mi) depending on route plus sidetrips
  • 3-days, 2-nights recommended
  • option to climb a volcano, or two
  • medium difficulty hiking, with challenging sections
  • wonderful variety of scenery
  • Dec – Mar best months
  • maximum elevation Red Crater 1886m (6188ft)
  • very crowded on the Tongariro Crossing section

Emerald Lakes

Why We Like This Hike

Most trampers do only the 1-day Tongariro Alpine Crossing. That’s a shame. The Northern Circuit includes the Crossing and is a far richer experience.

  • circumambulate active volcano Mt. Ngauruhoe
  • boiling mud pools, fumaroles and craters!
  • weird lava features, unique volcanic colours
  • this park attracts over a quarter million trampers a year but most of the circuit is not over-crowded
  • astonishing water-filled explosion craters called the Emerald Lakes
  • Blue Lake (an old volcanic vent)
  • mandatory easy sidetrip to the top of Mount Tongariro 1967m 
  • difficult, lengthy sidetrip scramble to the top of Mt. Ngauruhoe 2287m (Nah-eu-ru-ho-eh), an active volcano. You know it as Mt. Doom in Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings.
  • scrambling huge volcanic formations in the Oturere valley
  • the Tongariro reserve is a World Heritage Site
  • New Zealand has the best hostels in the world
  • the Maori cultural and spiritual associations
  • the bleak, harsh volcanic landscape
  • well signed, easy-to-follow trail
  • tent or stay in good alpine huts: beds, mattresses, gas heating, gas stoves, water, and toilet facilities (during the main hiking season)
Mangetepopo Hut
Mangetepopo Hut


  • Tongariro trails are sometimes CLOSED due to volcanic activity
  • on a busy day you will see hikers like ants on the Tongariro Circuit section climbing the Devil’s Staircase near the start
  • many day hikers are under-dressed, under-prepared. You may be called upon for First Aid.
  • highest number of search & rescue missions of any tramp in the country
  • strong wind & poor visibility may ruin this hike. Delay until another day, if possible.
  • weather changes quickly. Be prepared for rain or even snow.
  • carry enough warm clothing
  • a 51-year-old hiker died in 2019 of hypothermia after separating from her group and getting lost while solo.  She was experienced, carried appropriate clothing and equipment, including an emergency bivouac and a mobile phone.  Yet still froze to death.
  • the few water sources on the trail all require treatment
  • the ozone layer is thin. Use good-quality sunglasses, sun screen and wear a hat.
  • sturdy shoes for rocky and uneven tracks advised
  • howling winds atop Ngauruhoe even when it is calm below
  • if you are climbing Ngauruhoe, consider bringing good boots and gaiters for the dangerous scree. The slope is filled with ankle-turning-sized rocks.
  • off season, ice axe and crampons may be needed
  • catch an early bird shuttle if you want to beat the crowds
  • no dogs
crossing Central Crater
crossing Central Crater

Cost & reservations

DOC (Department of Conservation) 2013:

You need to book huts and/or campsites on the track if you’re walking peak season between October and April

1. Decide whether you want to walk clockwise or anti-clockwise.  Clockwise keeps you the same direction as day hikers and, therefore, seeing fewer people.

2. Decide what huts or campsites you want to stay at. …

3. Decide the date you want to stay at each hut/campsite. …

4. Check availability of huts and campsites …

5. Optional: Check the availability of transport services …

6. Book huts/campsites online …

7. Optional: Book transport to/from Mangetepopo Road …

Fees are paid at the time of reservation. Offseason hut beds and campsites are on a first-come basis only, there are no reservations.

For 2021 huts cost $37 / adult / night in peak season. $56 / adult / night for international visitors. Tenting $16 for a NZ resident and $24 for international.

Click over to the DOC Tongariro Northern Circuit FEES & BOOKINGS page for up-to-date details and links.


Since the Ketetahi Hut closed, you are now best advised to do the circuit in 3 days, 2 nights.

Least interesting is the section between Whakapapa Village and Mangatepopo Hut. You could shorten the final distance by starting at Mangatepopo trailhead, finishing at Whakapapa village.


Day 1 ~ Travel Taupo or Turangi to Manatepopo trailhead.  Long day to Oturere.

Day 2 ~ Easy day hiking to Waihohonu.

Day 3 – Hike out to Whakapapa Village.  Stay overnight, if you wish.  This skips the final section of the circuit but makes arriving and departing by public transportation a little easier,

Screen Shot 2022-02-02 at 11.42.20 AM

Screen Shot 2022-02-02 at 11.23.25 AM

Good sidetrips include:

    • short walk to Soda Springs
    • Devil’s Staircase climb, the most difficult section
    • easy sidetrip to the top of Mt. Tongariro, or …
    • difficult sidetrip to the top of Mt. Ngauruhoe (2-4hrs)
    • fit hikers should climb both volcanoes, weather permitting, as you have plenty of time — whereas the day hikers are rushed to meet a shuttle bus
    • explore Blue Lake and Emerald Lakes.
    • descend steeply down to New Zealand’s only desert, perhaps the most beautiful section of the hike, a moonscape
    • gorgeous waterfall at Oturere Hut
    • short sidetrips to Ohinepango Springs, Old Waihohonu Hut and a stop at Taranaki Falls recommended
    • we felt the sidetrip to the Tama Lakes was not worth the effort
    • finish at Whakapapa Village
    • catch transport back to Taupo or Turangi

Leave a reply if you disagree.


Trekking Guides

It’s easy to be guided on the one day Tongariro Crossing. You’ll need to search to find a Tongariro Circuit guide. Do this adventure independently, if you can.


If you sign on with a guided trip logistics will be organized for you. This section is for independent for larger image

  • Tongariro National Park is in the North Island, about half way between Auckland and Wellington.
  • you can fly Auckland to Taupo, or take a bus to Taupo or Turangi, the jumping off point for Manatepopo trailhead
  • actually, it is easy to get a shuttle to the trailhead from either Taupo or Turangi. Several private shuttle services will pick you up at your accommodation
  • Discovery Lodge is the our favourite accommodation close  to the trailhead.
  • do the Circuit at your own pace finishing at Whakapapa Village
  • the last bus out leaves late in the afternoon. If you arrive too late, no worries. There are good restaurants and accommodation options in Whakapapa including camping, hostel and hotel.

We stayed in nearby National Park (the town) as well. It has a great backpacker vibe.

 Shuttle bus to the trail


Local Information

Due to the volcanic nature of this region, closures may occur. Confirm local conditions with DOC before heading to the trailhead.


Best Trekking Guidebooks

Be sure to get the most up-to-date editions. Many guidebooks, including LP, are available in electronic format.

Best Travel Guidebooks

Other Recommended Books

Best Maps

With a guidebook, you don’t really need a map. Certainly you’ll be able to pick up one in New Zealand if you collect them.


Best Web Pages

Aerial shots of Tongariro National Park, Ruapehu District. North Island, New Zealand. Mounts’s Tongariro, Ruapehu and Ngarahoe. Emerald lakes

Best Trip Reports

Emerald lakes


Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

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Click PLAY or watch just the Crossing on YouTube.

Click PLAY or watch Peter Sim’s 2020 Circuit on YouTube.

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  1. Hi, I’ll be in Auckland flying in from Nelson on 5th may till 11th may before flying back to Perth, Australia. I know it’s off season and there is a higher chance of avalanches but I was wondering if this time of the year is still good to go for experienced hikers without requiring ice axes etc? I’ve had some previous experience trekking and summiting Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, Africa and just came back from Everest Base Camp last month. You provide itinerary but do you also provide guided tours during this period, I would be very keen. Looking forward to hear from you. Quinn.

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