Dientes Circuit

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One of the best hikes in the world

Dientes Circuit

Also known as:

  • Isla Navarino Circuit
  • Circuito Dientes de Navarino
  • The Teeth of Navarino

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  • world’s most southerly major hike?
  • circumambulate the jagged spires of Cordon de los Dientes
  • out of Puerto William, Chile, on Isla Navarino (pop. 2,262 last time we counted)
  • recommended 5 days, 4 nights in the past. Most hikers are doing it in 4 days, 3 nights now as the trail is well cairned and signed.

Why We Like This Hike

  • great views, most of the trek is above the treeline
  • vista over the islands making up Cape Horn (about 150km south)
  • condors, guanaco & beaver may be seen
  • it’s close to Paine & Fitz Roy, our favourite hikes in Patagonia
  • no risk of altitude sickness

Radek Tezaur


  • extreme weather is your greatest concern
  • prepare for howling winds & unexpected snowfall
  • hypothermia is a risk
  • scrambling & bushwhacking may be needed
  • painted stones & cairns mark the main route
  • you need a strong tent & good tie-downs to survive the wind
  • Dec to March are the best months to hike
  • for safety you should register with the police or at the Gobernacion Maritima Police office in Puerto Williams
  • benzina blanca (stove fuel) might be hard to find. Check the hardware shop next to the supermarkets.
  • there is no official rescue service. Be responsible for your own safety.
  • campsites do not provide much shelter
  • views often obscured by cloud
  • as your feet get very wet, you will be cursing the introduced beavers
  • conversational Spanish is needed


  • Brian Spurling was there in 2017. He found it expensive compared with the other great Patagonian hikes.
    • ferry Punta Arenas to Puerto Williams US $167 (£130) / person (30 hrs)
    • Ushuaia (Argentina) to Puerto Williams (Chile) and on to Navarino was US$120 one way, $220 return daily with Onashaga Expeditions / person in 2017. (30 min by 12 passenger boat, 35 min bus). This price does not include the international Port Fee of $60.
    • flight Ushuaia to Navarino one way might cost you US $150
This Hiking Life

This Hiking Life


  • the standard Dientes Circuit trek as described in Lonely Planet Trekking in the Patagonian Andes is 53.5km (33mi) plus sidetrips
  • we recommend minimum 4 days, 3 nights in the tent (and an extra day in case of bad weather)
  • plenty of water & many good campsites to choose from
  • moderate difficulty if the weather cooperates
  • a difficult slog if it’s pounding rain
  • clockwise direction starting from Puerto Williams is highly recommended
  • you will need to walk or hitchhike back to town
  • could extend the walk connecting to the Lago Windhond trek

Trekking Guides

Though it’s no problem to do the Circuit independently, it’s easiest to do Dientes is with a guide. We’ve not used any of these services:


You need to get to and from remote Puerto Williams. A few options:

  • Boat from Ushuaia (US$120 one way, $220 return daily with Onashaga Expeditions in 2017) … or,

Phone Number: +54 2901 401859  

Email: info@onashagaexpeditions.com

  • Ferry from Punta Arenas … or,
  • Flight from Punta Arenas

Puerto Williams

The only gear store stocks some types of stove fuel, knives, tents, sleeping bags, etc. You can also rent a GPS there that has the circuit route uploaded.

Small supermarkets have basic food supplies.

Still, the more food and gear you can bring with you, the better.

Local Information

When you get to Puerto William, ask if there are any hikers who have recently returned. They will be the best source of last minute advice on trail conditions.
Hotels and hostels in Puerto Williams have all the information you need to organize the trek. Register for the adventure at the police station. There is no Ranger or trail maintenance once you get out there.

Best Trekking Guidebooks

Best Travel Guidebooks

  • Lonely Planet Chile (get the most up-to-date edition)
  • Footprint Patagonia (get the most up-to-date edition)

Related Books

Best Maps

A simple map of the trek can be purchased in Puerto Williams. Look for a brochure, Circuito Dientes de Navarino, which includes a 1:120,000 map with trekking routes.

click map for interactive version

click map for interactive version

Best Web Pages

Best Trip Reports

Leo Turpan via email


Click PLAY or watch part 1 on Vimeo.

Click PLAY or watch part 2 on Vimeo.

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