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One of the best hiking regions in the world is the
ALPS Top 10

The Alps stretch approximately 1,200km (750mi) from Austria and Slovenia in the east, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, Germany, France to the west and Italy and Monaco to the south.


  • 35,400km (22,000mi) of well-kept trails
  • the higher Western Alps: Switzerland, France and Italy
  • the lower Eastern Alps: Switzerland, Austria, Liechtenstein; parts of southern Germany, northern Italy and Slovenia
  • highest peak Mont Blanc 4808m (15,774ft)
  • treeline between 1200m (4000ft) and 1700m (6000ft)
  • easy access to trails of all all levels of ability and experience
  • superb tourist infrastructure
  • convenient public transport
  • easily available trailhead shuttle service
  • great hiking for all levels of ability
  • best weather Jun-Sept



  • most dramatic peaks in Europe
  • easy, quick access to high trails
  • frequent opportunities to buy food & meals, thereby carrying less weight in the pack
  • amazing cuisine
  • challenging hiking — but you can sleep in a bed and have a restaurant meal every night if you wish
  • glaciers, forests, valleys, rivers, lakes, and flower-filled meadows.
  • the original “Alpine culture”
  • European history and culture
  • charming mountain huts (refuges)
  • cheaters can use cable-cars and chair-lifts
  • guided hikes are easy to arrange
  • low risk of altitude sickness
  • almost no dangerous wildlife


  • many of the most popular trails are crowded high season
  • accommodation may be full
  • if you are looking for “wilderness”, this is not it
  • travel in Europe is relatively expensive
  • weather can change rapidly in the mountains

Alps maplarger version – Wikipedia

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6 Replies to “ALPS”

  1. I recommend the GR5, from Lake Geneva to Nice or Menton on the SE French coast. Leave the very popular and crowded Mont Blanc Tour to tourists and organised groups and do this instead. There is one short section in common with the Tour of Mont Blanc, which almost looks like a motorway, but it’s only for a couple of days. Remember to book huts in advance if you intend to stay in them, they get busy. However, you can camp next to them if terrain allows and take the meals offered. Wild camp is allowed as long as you’re not in a National Park, and if you are, you need to be within a hour’s walk of the nearest road and put up and take down your tent at specific time. Rangers roam and check.

  2. We’re looking to do perhaps an eight day hike next mid September 2019. If we don’t want to go all the way from Chamonix to Zermat can you tell us the next best thing? We loves her Mart and I’m a little familiar with that region but we don’t want to work too hard
    Any suggestions would be appreciated
    Donna Mathews

    1. In the Alps it’s quite easy to do 8 days. 4 days. Go as long as you like.

      To decide which section best would be to buy a guidebook and research possible itineraries.

  3. I found your blog to the point, simple, and easy to understand. I liked how you have given specific consideration and region information about hiking places in Switzerland. Thank you for penning down a road map for hikers to hike the Swizz Alps.

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