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One of the best hiking regions in the world is


Don’t miss the balloons of Cappadocia.


  • great Mediterranean climate
  • gorgeous beaches 
  • historical ruins
  • spectacular coastal vistas
  • free wifi is surprisingly easy to find in Turkey. Speed is good.
  • one woman, a British historian, moved to Turkey in 1989 eventually publishing a series of hiking guidebooks in English. Kate Clow first inspired many to go, including BestHike editor Rick McCharles who visited her Cultural Routes Society office in Antalya to thank her in person.
  • Kate has a free hiking app to support her guidebooks


  • Turkey is a fantastic tourist destination. Unforgettable. There is much to see and do aside from hiking.
  • architecture and history
  • great Mosques
  • the culture 
  • the food
typical Turkish breakfast
  • it’s easy to hike independently
  • travel in Turkey is relatively easy and inexpensive
Carian Trails -Bozburun Peninsula


Some are worried about personal safety in Turkey. But in 2017 we found it very safe. There are many, many tourists. And many foreign hikers on established trails.

But check the political situation before you book a trip.  You won’t want to go anywhere near the Syrian or Iraqi borders. Travel up into Georgia is likely  not a problem, however.

  • outside major towns and hotels not much English is spoken. It’s well worth the time to learn a few words in Turkish. And to carry a device that can translate for you.
  • heat emergencies are a real worry, especially in the summer
  • finding water is an issue in some areas
Uchisar Castle, Göreme, Cappadocia

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