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One of the best hiking regions in the world is

For sun worshipers, Australia might offer the best hiking in the world. Many, many trails, long and short, to choose from.


AustraliaNote: Bushwalking is Aussie for hiking.

  • hundreds of magnificent trails
  • good hiking somewhere in Australia year round
  • superb tourist infrastructure
  • some of the best hostels in the world
  • 7000 beaches
  • 8000 islands
  • 60,000km of coastline
  • more than 300 National Parks
  • convenient public transport
  • great hiking for all levels of ability


  • empty beaches and amazing coastal walking
  • stark desert trekking in the outback
  • lush rainforests in the north
  • massive temperate rainforests in Tasmania
  • the weather is fantastic (except Tasmania)
  • relatively unpopulated
  • Aussies are super friendly, especially when they have an Aussie beer in hand
  • unique flora and fauna, especially the unique animals and colourful, noisy birds
  • plenty of long distance walks to choose from
  • special geological features
  • 40,000-year-old Aboriginal cultural and spiritual associations
  • our favourite wall Down Under is the wild and magnificent Overland Track



  • snakes, snakes, snakes
  • we saw at least 3 a day on one hike in Taz, all poisonous
  • there are many other “nasties” in Australia, too, including poisonous spiders, ticks and leaches
  • dehydration and sun stroke can be life threatening
  • protection from the sun is essential
  • planning is essential on the longer, more isolated walks
  • transport can be time-consuming and expensive
  • very few “mountains”
  • mosquitoes, sandflies and other biting flies are a bother at times
  • buzzing, annoying non-biting flies even worse
  • only about 15% of the continent has mobile phone coverage
  • rescue service is available, but it may take days to reach the injured hiker

Bushwalking the States of Australia  – John Chapman

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