1136 mile Ice Age Trail in Winter

Diggins and best friend Emily Ford started December 28th.

Finished 69 days later.

Emily is the only the second person on record to thru hike the Wisconsin trail in winter.

Creative camping was required as campgrounds are closed in winter. And parts of the official Ice Age Trail were closed.

They averaged 16.5 miles / walking day.

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WHAT is Bikepacking?

It wasn’t all that long ago that I had to ask Kraig Becker … WHAT is Bikepacking?

I wanted to get to hiking trailheads by BIKE.

… But isn’t that called Bike Touring?

BikePacking.com considers those 2 terms nearly identical, except that touring is mostly on pavement. Bikepacking mostly non-pavement.

Camping + minimalist Cycling.

Like everything in cycling, terms continue to be invented. Each one getting fuzzier. 😀

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