Greater Patagonian Trail documentary

4 travelers. 4 months. No support team. A documentary following an adventure into Patagonia for exploration and conservation.

Garrett Martin launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $15,000 for an adventure-travel documentary on the longest continual trail network in South America.

They started December 22nd, 2016 on a 4-month journey through Chile.

I’m planning on returning myself to section hike parts of the Greater Patagonian Trail January 2018.

Stingy Nomads do Fish River Canyon, Namibia

We updated our Fish River information page based on Stingy Nomad’s recent trip report:

Some guide books says this is the toughest hike in Africa …

Fish River is definitely a hike to add to your must do hiking list.

Total distance of Fish River canyon hike 86km, the river itself is longer but due to many shortcuts your walking distance is about 14km less. …

Fish River canyon hike, Namibia. Itinerary, tips, map

hiking Chapada Diamantina, Brazil

It’s not all that easy to get information in English.

Highlights include waterfalls and frequent stops for swimming.

Travel 2 Walk posted the best trip report I’ve seen, so far.

… Chapada Diamantina use to be a region supported by diamond mining, but now it’s 95% supported on tourism. As such, the locals take it on themselves to preserve the natural habitat they do have, but at the same time it is important for them to take advantage of it to make a living. …

Majority of tourism (60%) come from foreigners. …

With tourism being their major source of income, it is understandable why they are very discouraging, and sometime are hostile to, independent trekking trips into the park. …

… a must do in Chapada Diamantina, it is the Vale do Pati. …

trip report: Brazil, March 2016 – Chapada Diamantina 

Backpacking Across Isle Royale National Park

…  Spoiler alert: Isle Royale is a babe. The island is wild; there are many moose, two wolves, foxes, rabbits, and several species of birds throughout the chain of islands. The island is also wild; there was more mud than I’ve ever seen in my life, swarming mosquitos, and very primitive campgrounds.

Ups and downs aside, hiking the length of Isle Royale was a huge accomplishment. We want to share …

If you don’t have your own boat, you’ll be taking a ferry from one of three ports: Grand Portage, Minnesota, Houghton, Michigan, or Copper Harbor, Michigan. …

SWITCHBACK KIDS – Three Days and 42 Miles Backpacking Across Isle Royale National Park

Speak out for Your Public Lands


Over the last four weeks, hundreds of thousands of you, from all backgrounds and parts of the country, have spoken up and united across divides for your public lands. You’ve sent a strong message to the U.S. Department of the Interior that our national monuments matter.

If you haven’t submitted your comments to the Department of the Interior yet, you can still do it. Click here.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

(via Adventure Blog)