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Hayley Littleton:

… I found the solitary joys of camping and being alone on the trail. Driving up the dark switchbacks in the night, I’d climb into my sleeping bag in the back of my car and wake up to the first rays of sunlight jutting out over the peaks. Shuffling into my boots and slinging a pack across my back, I ventured out in the crisp, quiet stillness. …


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A week has seven days and someday isn't one of them 😜

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How to make the most of your mornings: climb the mountain the night before.

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Big Green Guide to Responsible Camping

Edward Dorian is a student of Outdoor Environment and Sustainability Education in the U.K.

He put together some good reminders for us all. Check it out.

The Seven Principles:

Plan Ahead and Prepare
Travel and Camp on Durable Ground
Leave What You Find
Dispose of Waste Properly
Respect Wildlife and Farm Animals
Minimise the Effects of Fire
Be Considerate of Others

The Big Green Guide to Responsible Camping