The Most Dangerous Path In Britain

Tom Scott:

The Broomway is surrounded on both sides by quicksand and deep, sucking mud. It has no markers and no guideposts.

And if you mistime your walk, you won’t outrun the tide.

Oh, and it’s in the middle of a Ministry of Defence firing range.

But most of the time, if you want to visit Foulness Island, it’s the only way.

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Enos Lake, Vancouver Island in Winter

A confusing network of wetland trails is owned by the Fairwinds Community of Nanoose Bay near Nanaimo.

Happily, they are open to the general public. No fishing. No swimming.

Easiest way to get there is from Island Highway 19, turning at the Petro Canada gas station east onto Northwest Bay Road.

I went early December.

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Details – Vancouver Island View – Enos Lake Trail

Little Qualicum Falls, Vancouver Island

Little Qualicum Falls Provincial Park, established 1940 to protect the old growth forest, offers a terrific 1 hour hike if you are driving between Nanaimo and Port Alberni.

There are plenty of other nearby attractions including Cathedral Grove.

Swimming is possible in good weather. But know that people have drowned here.

Outdoor Vancouver – Little Qualicum Falls Loop

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Englishman’s River Falls B.C.

BestHike editor Rick McCharles. 

Many, many times I’ve walked the spectacular 2km loop at Englishman River Falls Provincial Park near Parksville B.C.

Often I cycle there from Parksville. Then walk or run the loop a number of times.

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B.C. Parks website.  The campsite has over 100 spaces.


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Father of the FKT – Buzz Burrell

The poster boy for Fastest Known Times is Kílian Jornet Burgada.

As I post, Kilian holds the fastest known time for the ascent and descent of MatterhornMont BlancDenali and perhaps Everest.

But it’s  Buzz Burrell who really popularized the concept, co-founding with Peter Bakwin and Jeff Schuler.

Buzz Burrell

Those three run the site on a voluntary basis.  And it’s a ton of work.

Buzz himself had been racing routes for decades. He set the FKT on the Colorado Trail in 1999.  The FKT on John Muir in 2000. 

This interview with Buzz will fill you with respect.  Buzz co-hosts his own audio show called the FKT Podcast

19. Charles Pitman – Summit County Search & Rescue Out and Back

We kick off the first episode of our backcountry ski series as Shanty and Mary sit down with Colorado’s Summit County Search and Rescue mission coordinator, Charles Pitman. Tune in as Pitman enlightens us on what backcountry enthusiasts can do to stay safer this winter, including how to recognize and avoid avalanche danger in backcountry travel, what to do if you need help, and what you should put in your backpack to be prepared in case something goes wrong. Backcountry skiers, winter hikers, climbers, and snowmobilers will not want to miss this behind-the-scenes look at the upcoming snow season and what rescue professionals are doing to prepare for the busy season ahead. Plus, hear a few of Pitman’s most harrowing rescue stories!
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Croatian Long Distance Trail

The Croatian Long Distance Trail (CLDT) was pretty much invented by Nikola (Tesla) Horvat.


Croatia shares a maritime border with Italy. The capital city is Zagreb.

As I post the trail is not recommended due to COVID-19 restrictions. Hopefully it will be possible again starting 2021.

  • approximately 2200 km (1400 mi)
  • mountain trails, wild trails, hard rock, forest roads, fields, gravel roads and sometimes asphalt roads
  • mountain huts, hotel, hostel, private accommodation, official campsite
  • many settlements so resupply should not pose a problem

As very few have hiked it yet, you’ll be pleased to hear there is a Guthook Guide. There are some blazes and emblems, as well..

Details on the official website