hiking Ivvavik National Park

David Webb:

… Tucked away at the tip of the Yukon, with its base camp set at 69 degrees north and hundreds of kilometres from the nearest road, only a handful of people will ever visit this park. Untouched by the last Ice Age, it’s a place of unique rock formations, abundant wildlife—we saw muskox, caribou, grizzlies and Dall’s sheep—jaw-dropping mountain vistas, clearwater rivers and vast open tundra. …

And the hiking… wow. There was no point in the five days I spent in Ivvavik where Iwasn’t surrounded by an awesome panorama. From deep gorges carved by a frothy river; to tundra dotted with bright lupins; to multi-coloured slate stabbing from mountaintops like the spines on a dragon’s back; to the midnight sun circling the whole expanse like a halo. It is the most beautiful natural environment I have ever seen. (And I’ve seen a lot.) …

Video Post: Jaw-Dropping Ivvavik National Park

Click PLAY or get a glimpse on YouTube.

Don’t date a girl who treks

Brown Gal Trekker:

… For she lives life to the fullest

If you cannot catch up to her when she flies

Then don’t think she’d even shed a single tear

If you tell her goodbye

Don’t date a girl who treks

She will go exploring on her own when her heart so desires …

Don’t Date a Girl Who Treks

Click through to read the entire poem. It’s dedicated to all solo (or otherwise) female trekkers of the world.


Makalu Base Camp trek

by site editor Rick McCharles 

As I’ve done most of the easily accessible major hikes in Nepal next time I’m planning on Makalu. Cost most likely between $3000 – $4000. I’m hoping to do it for less with one Guide and carrying my own pack.

Sathya did it independently in 2012.

Mountain IQ has a good overview.

Though not visited by many hikers each year, there are some tea houses available now.

Click PLAY or get a glimpse on YouTube. Two feet of snow on day 8 en route to Base Camp.

trekking the Huemul Circuit, Argentina

Steve Hänsch:

El Chaltén is the trekking capital of Argentina and I spent more than 2 weeks there to do exactly that: hiking.

The Huemul circuit in El Chaltén is a lesser known route for experienced hikers and absolutely worth the efforts as you are able to experience real adventures and see massive ice fields and panoramic views that will blow your mind! …

Trekking the Huemul circuit in El Chalten, Argentina

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on bikepacking

I spent 10 days on the bike this summer camping illegally every night. It was wonderful.

The Guardian posted an excellent article on the pursuit.

Bikepacking: the perfect autumn adventure in the UK

A new fusion of wild camping and off-road touring, bikepacking gets you close to nature and far from the stresses of modern life. And autumn is the ideal time to go.