proposed – Escalante Canyons National Park, Utah

Most in the hiking community hate what Donald Trump and his minions have done in Utah– shrinking the Bears Ears National Monument by 85%.

But here’s some good news out of Utah.

Rep. Chris Stewart, R-Utah, plans to introduce legislation to create a new national park in a piece of the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument. …

The proposed Escalante Canyons National Park …

The size and exact location of the proposed park is unclear.  …

Only Congress can set aside land for a national park, while a president has power under the Antiquities Act to designate a national monument.


Rep. Chris Stewart proposes national park in Grand Staircase-Escalante

It could be that this is just a GOP diversion to deflect criticism.

On the other hand, some future Congress could move on this proposal to right the wrongs done by the Trump regime.




We hate Donald Trump

If you love protected wilderness, oppose Donald Trump and the GOP.

Trump wants to double the cost of some U.S. National Parks.

National Parks Traveller outlines the many problems with Trump’s plan to increase entrance price for 17 national parks during their busiest seasons …

Traveler’s View: Surge Pricing For National Parks Doesn’t Pencil Out Or Make Sense

Fact is most GOP politicians want to sell off or give away protected lands to big donors and rich corporations.

Campaign against the Republicans if you don’t like ti.




Yvon Chouinard’s TV ad – PROTECT public lands

On August 24th, Zinke will make an announcement about the 21 national monuments that are “under review.” If there was ever time to put pressure on Zinke, and the rest of the Department of Interior to make the right decision to preserve our lands, this is it. …

Adventure Journal

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Secretary Zinke, Stand Up for Public Lands

On August 24, Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke will reveal which national monuments he’ll recommend to reduce in size or abolish. …

Last week, the national hunting advocacy group Backcountry Hunters and Anglers launched a new television ad that’s running in Montana, the Secretary’s home state. Featuring scenes of general outdoor recreation and hunting, the ad uses Zinke’s own quotes to illustrate his hypocrisy—saying he’s pro-public lands, comparing himself to Roosevelt, and threatening jobs in the hunting and fishing industry. …

Hunters, the Surprising Saviors of Our Public Lands

The GOP’s war on public lands threatens to alienate a key part of its voting base—sport hunters

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70-years-old on the PCT


No one tells me I’m too old to do this when I’m on the trail. Young hikers on the trail talk to me and don’t ask how old I am. We talk about trail details, such as upcoming snowfields, water sources, exposure to sun. Every passerby greets me, often taking time to chat …

Society puts us in categories, age related categories, status related categories, place related categories, skin color related categories. On the trail you’re part of the trail society as long as you can walk and carry, no matter what your age, your skin color, or your financial circumstances. …

How to Lose Your Age on the Trail