hiking Big Bend National Park, Texas

I’m planning to hike Big Bend for the first time. In January.


The Parks Service recommends:

• Desert Hikes
• Mountain Hikes
• River Hikes

As usual I’ll check with Rangers before deciding which hikes. Local information is critical in the desert. Backcountry Use Permits are required.

I’ll be mostly doing day hikes and one night tenting trips. Water is an issue, I understand, even in winter.

Unless you are walking the Rio Grande, of course.


Santa Elena Canyon

50 Awesome Hiking Blogs

Mitch Stevens of Southwest Discoveries posted 50 sites they like.


Though most of the 50 are focused on the S.W. USA, we are honoured to be included. 🙂


besthike.comBesthike.com, founded by intrepid adventurer Rick McCharles, is one of the best hiking blogs on the web. It is a comprehensive listing of the world’s best hikes. Rick not only catalogs the planet’s best life changing hikes but provide descriptions. It is no surprise that Rick includes hikes in the southwest as some of the best hikes in the world. Most of the hikes he recommends are challenging multi-day adventures, such as the Zion Narrows for instance. Rick is continuing to research the best hikes on earth, calling his website a “work in progress.”

I’m planning a trip to Nevada, Arizona and New Mexico right now. This list is a great resource.

Badlands National Park Traverse

Cam Honan:

Last month I hiked the length of Badlands National Park from Ben Reifel Visitor Center to White River Visitor Center. To the best of my knowledge, it was the first time that such a traverse had been completed. …

Distance: 90 miles approx.

Time: 5 days

badlands bonnie-tyler-and-buffalos bighorn-sheep

Read the excellent trip reportBadlands Traverse – Trip Report

Greater Patagonian Trail update


The Greater Patagonian Trail (GPT) is 1,300 miles long and counting. It is a growing network of backroads and rutted trails stitched together to form an enormous route across South America, and almost nobody knows about it.

That’s because it’s been built quietly, the entire route put together by one couple who hope to share a love of hiking with the world.

At 1,300 Miles, Remote ‘GPT’ Is Longest Trail In South America

I met Swiss-German hiker and explorer Jan Dudeck and his Chilean wife Meylin Ubilla last January. And hope to get back to Patagonia again in 2017.

Laguna Caracol

Laguna Caracol


Carian Trail, Turkey

… the Greek islands of Rhodes and Symi are short boat rides away and Crete is twice as close as Istanbul. European walkers will feel a great affinity with the untouched landscapes, traditional villages and Hellenistic history of the Carian Trail.

The trail is the brainchild of two Turkish guides, Yunis Ozdemir and Altay Ozcan, and Dean Livesley, an Englishman. …

Like the Lycian Way, the Carian Trail is simultaneously ancient and brand new – a stitching together of neglected shepherd’s paths, goat trails, caravan routes and forest tracks into a coherent linearity. …

Starting with an idea hatched over a cafe table in 2009, they were soon “swimming in scrub” as they machete’d their way through tangled undergrowth to clear 500 miles of route. …


Walking holidays in Turkey: the ancient stones of the new Carian Trail

Interested? I am. 🙂

Check the official website – CarianTrail.com

Here’s an interactive map.

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