Michael Lanza’s 25 most scenic hiking days

A terrific list.

  1. Grand Canyon Rim to Rim to Rim
  2. Yosemite’s Clouds Rest and Half Dome
  3. Walking Across Zion
  4. Alta Via 2, Dolomite Mountains, Italy
  5. Many Glacier to Logan Pass, Glacier National Park
  6. Hiking Mount St. Helens
  7. Laugavegur Trail, Iceland
  8. John Muir Trail – Evolution Basin to Mather Pass
  9. Death Canyon Shelf to South Fork Cascade Canyon, Grand Teton National Park
  10. Volcanoes of Tongariro National Park, New Zealand
  11. The Narrows, Zion National Park
  12. Gray Glacier, Torres del Paine National Park, Chile
  13. Mosquito Creek to Toleak Point, Southern Olympic Coast
  14. Paria Canyon Narrows
  15. High Sierra Trail, Sequoia National Park
  16. Crossing the Wind River Range, Wyoming 
  17. Royal Arch Loop, Grand Canyon
  18. Rockwall Trail, Kootenay National Park, Canadian Rockies
  19. Timberline Lodge to Cooper Spur, Timberline Trail, Mount Hood
  20. Europaweg (Europe Trail) Zermatt, Switzerland 
  21. Spider Gap-Buck Creek Pass Loop, Glacier Peak Wilderness, Washington
  22. Galdhøpiggen, Norway
  23. Crown of Idaho’s Sawtooth Mountains
  24. Thorung La, Annapurna, Nepal 
  25. Traversing the Sierra de Aitana in Southern Spain

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Geoff Sears on the Highline Trail, Glacier National Park.

Top U.S. National Forests for Hiking

Guest post by Carhartt Outdoor Apparel & Gear:

As a tribute to our great nation and all of the amazing hikers it houses, we’ve put together a list of the best national forests for hiking, along with the best trails and the gear you’ll need for the hike.

National Forest: Green Mountain National Forest – Vermont

Best Trail: The Long Trail

Difficulty: Moderate to Difficult

Why We Love It: As the first long distance hiking trail established in the United States, The Long Trail ranges more than 273 miles of foot paths. Whether you want to make a day trip, camp overnight or have an extended backpacking trip, this trail is a perfect fit for everyone.

Necessary Gear: Break out the tents and backpacks! This trail is perfect for camping. You will also need high-quality hiking boots. With so many miles, having your feet hurt is not the best option.

National Forest: White River National Forest – Colorado

Best Trail: Maroon Creek Trail

Difficulty: Easy to Moderate

Why We Love It: Just outside of Aspen, the Maroon Creek Trail takes you on a journey through the valley between two major Colorado mountains, the Maroon Bells. During blooming season (July), you will walk through fields of wildflowers while looking at the stunning peaks of the mountains. This trail doesn’t loop, but a designated van will take you back to your starting place if you don’t want to backtrack.

Necessary Gear: You have to have sturdy boots for this hike. It might be classified as easy, but some of the terrain can be dangerous. You don’t want to turn your ankle because you are wearing tennis shoes instead of hiking boots.

National Forest Bighorn National Forest – Wyoming

Best Trail: Lost Twin Lakes Trail

Difficulty: Moderate

Why We Love It: This trail is slightly over 10 miles and features a beautiful lake and views of the Bighorn Mountains, a sister range to the Rocky Mountains. Just be sure you get out there while it is accessible between July and September.

Necessary Gear: Great hiking boots are a necessity for this trail. You will also need to bring plenty of water and a daypack with snacks. If you are feeling adventurous, bring along some fishing and camping equipment to explore Mirror Lake and the surrounding areas!

National Forest: Deschutes National Forest – Oregon

Best Trail: Tumalo Falls

Difficulty: Easy

Why We Love It: Let’s face it. Everyone loves waterfalls and this trail features a beautiful one. To the side of Henline Falls, you can explore an old mine shaft. This 5.7-mile trail is perfect for any age or experience level.

Necessary Gear: All you need for this hike is lots of water and a day pack with some snacks.

National Forest: Mononganela National Forest – West Virginia

Best Trail: High Falls Hike

Difficulty: Moderate

Why We Love It: High Falls is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Mononganela. This trail is a little over 8 miles and has great views throughout. One of the best points is that it isn’t well traveled. That means you will have a lot of solitude during your hike.

Necessary Gear: As with most hikes, you will need great hiking boots for this trail. Be sure to bring water to stay hydrated and even high-protein snacks to keep you fueled all day.

top_national_forests_hikingBefore you hit any of these awesome national forests, be sure you have the proper gear. You can find many of the options we mentioned above and more at high-quality retailers like Carhartt. Now get out there and start exploring!

best men’s hiking footwear 2017

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