Greater Patagonian Trail documentary

4 travelers. 4 months. No support team. A documentary following an adventure into Patagonia for exploration and conservation.

Garrett Martin launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $15,000 for an adventure-travel documentary on the longest continual trail network in South America.

They started December 22nd, 2016 on a 4-month journey through Chile.

I’m planning on returning myself to section hike parts of the Greater Patagonian Trail January 2018.

girl hikes the GR20 in Corsica

Hopes to raise about $12,000 in order to make a documentary movie of the adventure.


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  • corsicamorenkop one of the best treks in the world
  • 180km
  • 19,000m of ascent and descent
  • sleep in tents or mountain huts (refuges or gîtes)
  • hiking permit not required. Reservations for the refuges recommended.
  • hiking possible from early June through mid-October. June might be the best month as water (snow) are more available
  • located west of Italy, southeast of the French mainland, and north of the Italian island of Sardinia


See our GR 20 information page.

a girl hikes the GR20 in Corsica

The video is complete. On what some call the toughest hike in Europe.

This is an indiegogo campaign.

Three weeks of filming in one of the most amazing location in the world was breathtaking. We walked the route in real time, as we did all filming, with all the obstacles and beauties. Now we can present the authentic story. …

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Sherpa – directed by Jennifer Peedom

… charting the disastrous Everest season of 2014. The director aimed to get a Sherpa’s point of view on climbing Everest after the famous flareup of 2013, and instead was on the ground to document the appalling loss of life and resulting Sherpa strike the following year. …

David Lintern

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Paul’s Boots on the Appalachian Trail

He wore size 13 boots. Despite a job as draftsman in the big city, he was happiest out on the trail. When Paul was 42, doctors diagnosed his mom with Parkinson’s. He nursed her for four years until her death. By that time, his father developed Alzheimer’s. The gaps between hiking trips grew longer and longer. By the time his father passed in 2011, Paul had two heart attacks. His love for the outdoors never diminished.

Even as his body failed him, Paul started to pack for the trip he’d dreamed of completing—all 2,190 miles of the Appalachian Trail. At night, he’d recount to his wife, M’Lynn, all he’d learned in his research. His heart no longer allowed him to walk much further than the end of his block, but his soul was ready to go. Next to a full backpack, he left his three polished sets of hiking boots. Last July, Paul passed away. He was 53.

As M’Lynn moved through the stages of grief, it came time to tidy up Paul’s gear for a trip he wouldn’t take. She had an idea—one last gift to the man she loved. She needed help. Could we and our greater outdoor community get these boots out on the trail?


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(via Hiking in Finland)

UNBOUNDED: Patagonia Documentary

Jan Dudeck has been exploring and documenting routes he calls the Greater Patagonian Trail.

Greater Patagonian Trail


Garrett Martin:

‘Unbounded’ is an adventure-travel documentary following an unaided crew of four hailing from different corners of the globe as they hike and pack-raft roughly 1,500 km through the Patagonia region of South America.

The expedition will take place from mid-December to mid-April, documenting the extreme and unique conditions in Patagonia and the surrounding area.

The crew will base their trip along the “Greater Patagonian Trail” and make they’re way to Patagonia National Park. The film will focus on discovering the indescribable factors of Patagonia, learning the history and culture of the people living in the area, and bringing to light the incredible beauty of the region – all in an effort to help raise awareness of the need to preserve this untamed, but delicate area.

A significant portion of the film’s proceeds will go towards Conservacion Patagonica to help protect and maintain this incredibly vast and beautiful landscape.

details on kickstarter

related – Reese Wells and Tyler Nachand are headed out on the GPT starting this November, as well.