have you trekked Paine in Patagonia?

Without question one of the best hikes in the world. Most popular is the W Circuit.

Click PLAY or watch a teaser on YouTube.

Cost is about $600 / person for 5 days / 4 nights in 2017 if you sign on with Vertice Patagonia.

Even better and longer is the the full Paine Circuit (often called the “O” as contrasted with the red “W”).


If interested know that logistics are getting increasingly difficult. Costs are going up. But it’s still well worth making your way to southern South America in the trekking season.


Click over to our Paine information page for details.

Colombia’s Lost City trek

Geoff Bedeck:

Swarms of aqua-blue butterflies, foaming waterfalls, hidden swimming lagoons, lime-green parakeets and chirping songbirds high up in the trees – this was what I’d come to find in the verdant Colombian jungle, along the winding trail to the Lost City.


One of our best hikes in South America.

man and dog 60 days off-trail

Ace Kvale turned 60 last fall, and to celebrate, he planned a 60-day, off-trail backpacking trip around Utah’s Canyon Country, leaving from his front door.

He had a dozen friends join him for different sections of the trip, and one friend who joined him for the whole thing: his blue heeler, 10-year-old Genghis Khan aka ‘Desert Dog’. …

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hiking across Mojave Reserve, California

Next time I get to Vegas I plan to cross the Mojave National Reserve south to north.


I’ll start from highway 40 heading towards the Granite Mountains. Refill at Kelso Depot. Hike on to Mid Hills Campground , refilling my water bottles. And exiting at Nipton.


Surprisingly, water will not be a problem.


water sources

I won’t count on natural springs, however. Let’s leave that for the wildlife.

I’ll carry the Tom Harrison map. Wish me luck.

Hunter Trail to Picacho Peak, Arizona

trip report by site editor Rick McCharles

Like many others driving between Phoenix and Tuscon, I’d always wanted to climb this unique volcanic plug.

It looks challenging, but I found it not too bad.


It’s not via ferrata, but there are cables and other assistance everywhere needed.


Bring gloves.


As a former gymnast, I was certainly overconfident on arrival at the trailhead.

Hunter Trail to Picacho Peak

I’d already embarrassed myself pronouncing the name of the peak as Pikachu. That’s wrong.


Though one hiker cried 4 times getting up and down, I found it fun.

I love the giant, individually unique saguaro cactus.

Hunter Trail to Picacho Peak

On the way up it’s difficult to imagine there’s actually a hiking route.

Hunter Trail to Picacho Peak Hunter Trail to Picacho Peak

This beautiful day attracted many to the peak. Everyone made it to the top so far as I could see. Myself included.

Hunter Trail to Picacho Peak

Certain birds and animals make a good living waiting on lunch crumbs here.

Hunter Trail to Picacho Peak

The vista from the top is not all that spectacular.

Hunter Trail to Picacho Peak Hunter Trail to Picacho Peak

I made a sidetrip to a smaller peak. Here’s the vista looking back to the summit.

Hunter Trail to Picacho Peak

Still, Hunter Trail to Picacho Peak is unique and interesting enough to be added to our list of best hikes in North America.

If you have two vehicles consider climbing up via Hunter Trail, returning via Sunset Trail.