Trek the 8000m peak base camps

Emma and Trevor — from New Zealand & Australia — conceived ProjectBase8000.

Great idea!

The objective is to be the first non-mountaineering trekkers to hike to all the base camps of the world’s 14 highest mountains by 2020.

They are all over 8,000m, located in the Himalayan and Karakoram ranges – Nepal, Pakistan and Tibet, China.

They want to help raise funds & awareness for the Australian Himalayan Foundation.

Cam Honan’s Wanderlust hiking books

The world’s most travelled hiker, Cam Honan, has 3 coffee table books in the series.

Ideal inspiration for future hikes, click through to check them out:

Wanderlust: A Hiker’s Companion (2017)

The Hidden Tracks: Wanderlust – Hiking Adventures off the Beaten Path (2018)

Wanderlust USA (2019)

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10 Best Hikes in the World – Adventure Brothers

Hank and Brian Leukart pick their favourites including:

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Paul Magnanti – BEST HIKES of the decade

Paul Magnanti has hiked the Triple Crown (AT, PCT, CDT).

Here are his favourite outdoor adventures of the past 10 years:

2010 – Pawnee Buttes

2011 – High and Lonesome Loop, Indian Peaks Wildnerness

2012 – Wind River Range

2013 – Betty Bear Hut

2014 – Hovenweep National Monument

2015 – Wild Rivers Recreation Area

2016 – The Badlands in winter

2017 – Walking Across Southern Utah

2018 – A New Home in Moab

2019 – Northern New Mexico Loop

New Mexico

Cam Honan – fave HIKES of the decade

There’s nobody I link to more than Cam Honan of

So far as I know, he’s the most travelled hiker in the world.

Cam “Swami” Honan:

Over the past ten years my journeys taken me from the snow-capped peaks of Peru to the Aurora Borealis of Arctic Norway, and from the pristine wilderness of Southwest Tasmania to the longest journey of my hiking life, an 18 month, 14,342 mile (23,081 km) peregrination through the backcountry of North America.

… Without further ado, here are some of my hiking highlights from 2010 to 2019 (in no particular order):

1.  Southwest Tasmania Traverse (Australia, 2016)

2.  Cordillera Blanca Traverse (Peru, 2014)

3.   Copper Canyon Traverse (Mexico, 2013)

4.   Long Crossing of the Lofoten Islands (Norway, 2018)

5.   Sangre de Cristo Traverse (USA, 2016)

6.   Cocuy Circuit (Colombia, 2015)

7.   Altiplano Traverse (Bolivia, 2017)

8.  Badlands Traverse (USA, 2016)

9.   Cordillera Real Traverse (Bolivia, 2017)

10.  12 Long Walks (USA & Canada, 2011/12)


Here are some of my other favourite rambles from the past decade:

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My 10 Favourite Hikes of the 2010’s

Jeff “Legend” Garmire 23,000 miles in 10 years

Legend is one of 17.3 million adults in the United States who have experienced a depressive episode. He hikes to get into a positive frame of mind.

He’s only the second hiker (after Skurka) to complete the Great Western Loop, a 7,000-mile route that covers portions of the Pacific Crest, Pacific Northwest, Continental Divide, Grand Enchantment, and Arizona Trails. It took him 208 days and 15 hours.

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