Scrambling Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas

I’d say Red Rock Canyon is the best hiking and scrambling destination in the world this close to a major city. Las Vegas.

Over the years I’ve done all of the established hikes.

BUT more recently I drive or cycle to nearby Calico Basin. Free entry. Free parking.

THEN take the Calico Hills Overlook Scramble to Red Rock Canyon. It’s obvious and easy from the parking lot.

Once in the red rock, I wander and scramble wherever I like.

Click PLAY or watch an example from April 2023 on YouTube.

Kraft Mountain & Calico Hills Loop, Las Vegas

Some call it the ‘best free hike out of Las Vegas‘. I’d agree.

No need to pay entry to Red Rock Canyon, this adventure is right next door ➙ out of Calico Basin. Free entry. Free parking.

On a cool day in April, I did the the 6.9 km (4.2 mi) Kraft Mountain & Calico Hills Loop. With side trips and additional scrambles, it was longer for me.

Click PLAY or get a glimpse on YouTube.

#3 best hiking region in the world is the …


Spectacular vistas, frequent wildlife encounters, the best wild flowers we’ve ever seen. Hot springs, quaint mountain towns, perhaps the best long distance hikes on the planet.

There are options to scramble ridges and peaks virtually everywhere.

“You can’t lose in the Rockies.”

… so says frequent contributor Rob Glaser who has hiked here all his life.

rockies.jpgTrails are safe and well managed. The infrastructure excellent. (In fact, it’s hard to imagine there are two regions in the world we rate better.)

The weather and conditions are variable to say the least, but in many parts of the Rockies Aug-Sept are the best months. A very short window! On the other hand, if you ski or board, you’ll never lack for adventure in the Rocky Mountains.

More information on our new Rockies information page.

Our favourite trip in the Canadian Rockies is Sunshine to Assiniboine, our #5 hike in the world.

Anemones and Assiniboine, Alberta, Canada

Our Assiniboine Information page.

Just a short drive away is our favourite trail in the USA Rockies, Glacier North Circle, our #6 hike in the world. One of the best places in the world to see wildlife.

Our North Circle Information page.

Leave a comment if you have your own favourite hike in the Rockies.

Climbing Segla (Sail) Mountain on Senja Island, Norway

Trip report by BestHike editor Rick McCharles

The main reason we make the long trip to Senja Island is to climb high and enjoy otherworldly views.

Click PLAY or see Segla mountain and others on the island on YouTube.

Senja is even further north than famed Lofoten archipelago , but is equally spectacular in places.

The jumping off point is remote Fjordgård, not easy to reach by bicycle.

I camped for free along the ocean. A very windy night.

The east side of Segla starts rising gently, whereas the steep cliffs on the west side drop directly into the fjord. The EASY route is still challenging near the top. You’ll be using your hands.

BUT first it’s recommended to do the Hesten hike, rewarding you with the most impressive looks at the peak. 3.7 km return. Hesten is 556m.

Next climb Segla itself, if you have the energy.

Around 4km return. Perhaps 2 hours up, 1 hour down — IF you move steadily. Weather is the main factor. It can switch from sun to rain storm in just a few minutes.

Click PLAY or watch my video highlights MUSIC video 😀 on YouTube.

related – detailed trip report by Worldering Around – Segla, Senja Island – Best View Of The Iconic Mountain From Hesten Hike

June to September are the best months.

Centennial Ridge to Mt Allan, Kananaskis, Alberta

Leigh McAdam:

If you’re looking for a long but glorious out and back day hike in Kananaskis Country then the Centennial Ridge hike up to Mount Allan should fit the bill.

If you want to turn it into an epic day, do the Centenial Ridge hike one-way and then from the summit of Mount Allan descend to Dead Man’s Flats. You’ll need a car shuttle to do that. …

It’s a tough 7.8 kilometre hike to the summit of Mount Allan via the Centennial Ridge – with an elevation gain of 1,356 metres.

The summit sits at 2819 metres, ensuring it’s the highest trail in the Rockies, at least according to Gillean Daffern. Your knees, feet and hips will probably feel it by the end of the day. …

Centennial Ridge Hike in Kananaskis

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

Hiking Castlecrag, Vancouver Island

Strathcona Provincial Park, Vancouver Island

Trip report by BestHike editor Rick McCharles.

This was my favourite hike on the Forbidden Plateau.

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

I’d camped at Duck Pond, Circlet Lake campground.

I camped 3 nights at Circlet Lake altogether. Lovely.

From Circlet it’s not far to the Castlecrag trail marked in orange on the map. Look for the sign to Moat Lake.

Click for LARGER version.

I hiked the route marked in orange. Here’s the original Park map online.

This was a foggy and somewhat hazy day.

But plenty clear enough to see where I was headed.

I’d seen lovely Moat Lake the day before from the Albert Edward hike.

For Castlecrag you circumambulate the far side, crossing the worst bridge I’d seen in Strathcona 2020.

En route a helicopter flew into Moat Lake Retreat, an island you can rent with 2 cabins sleeping a total of 10 people. It’s a legacy from when Clinton Wood first built a lodge here in 1934.

In good weather, finding the route is not all that difficult. Follow the cairns and (possibly) ribbons.

Much of this adventure is above the treeline.

Overall the hiking is more difficult than on nearby Edward Albert as there is a fair bit of boulder hopping over avalanche slopes.

Two highlights end of September: no mosquitoes and autumn colours.

The turnoff UP to Castlecrag is not signed. Watch for the big cairn on the right.

Castlecrag 1740m (5709ft) is a satellite peak to Mt Albert Edward 2093m and many serious hikers / trail runners connect the two via Mt Frink. I’d originally planned to do that myself — but found it too difficult and risky on my own. Also, days are short end of September. I might have spent some hours in the dark on the way down.

It’s a short climb from the cairn to the summit of Castlecrag.

I had great fun scrambling around the crags.

See all the full resolution photos from this hike on Flickr.

The best hiking guidebook is Exploring Strathcona Park. Dead tree version available only.

See our list of the best hikes in North America.  

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