hiking the Bermuda Railway Trail

trip report by site editor Rick McCharles

The Bermuda Railway was a 21.7-mile (34.9 km) common carrier line that operated in Bermuda for a brief period (October 31, 1931 – May 1, 1948). …

Construction and maintenance proved to be exceedingly costly, as the Bermuda Railway was built along a coastal route to minimize the amount of land acquisition needed for the right-of-way.

In so doing, however, extensive trestles and bridgework were necessary. More than 10 percent of the line was elevated on 33 separate structures of timber or steel construction spanning the ocean. …

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In 1984, 18 miles (29 km) of the defunct rail line’s right-of-way were dedicated as the Bermuda Railway Trail for hiking and, on some paved portions, biking. The Bermuda Tourism Department publishes a pamphlet describing the Trail’s highlights …

I enjoyed the sections close to the water

… and the sections cut into limestone.

On the other hand, there are many places where you must detour to regain the trail. Coney Island, for example.

And there are many sections where you must walk busy roadways to regain the trail.

All in all, pretty as it is, I’d prefer to mountain bike the Bermuda Railway Trail rather than walk / run it.

You can rent a bike in Bermuda.

cycling Port Alberni to Victoria on the NEW Spine Trail

A signature recreation destination in Canada, the Vancouver Island Spine Trail will span more than 700 kilometres from Victoria to Cape Scott. Traversing wild coasts, ancient and working forests and joining island communities, the trail will be a month-long journey in its entirety. …

It’s not finished. But I plan to cycle — and hike a bike — a section in 2017. I’ll start in Port Alberni … and see how far south I can get.

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on bikepacking

I spent 10 days on the bike this summer camping illegally every night. It was wonderful.

The Guardian posted an excellent article on the pursuit.

Bikepacking: the perfect autumn adventure in the UK

A new fusion of wild camping and off-road touring, bikepacking gets you close to nature and far from the stresses of modern life. And autumn is the ideal time to go.


cycle hiking Chilco, Idaho

A classic training session for Dave and Jeni is to cycle up to the Chilco trailhead out of Coeur d’Alene. The big push is a relentless 4.2 miles up to the saddle. Some were left gasping.


Next a steep hike up to great views on the summit ridge.




This was Dave’s first real test of his knee since surgery. It survived. 🙂

It’s often windy up here. Today the weather was perfect.



Jeni’s traditional summit handstand

The ride down on gravel I found sketchy. Dave and Jeni are Adventure Racers and found that challenge fairly trivial.

We were 4 hours up and down from Dave’s home. Hot tub and red wine was my reward.