Krokodilberg Trail, South Africa

South Africa is a fantastic hiking destination.

MG & Eras have been exploring the hikes outside JoBurg.

Check a sample – the 11.3km Krokodilberg Trail:

Hennops River offers three trails just 45 minutes from Johannesburg. With no pre-booking necessary over weekends and an on-the-spot entrance fee, it really does put all our excuses to shame. The Krokodilberg route is just over 11 km, with the shorter Zebra and Dassie routes available for the moderate to less keen.

We arrive later than we would have liked and stand prepping in the parking lot with a group of friends, applying handfuls of sun cream to already sweaty skin. …

So Far …


Here are the other trails they’ve posted, so far.

Epic Treks

I’ve just subscribed to a site new to me. It lists hundreds of great treks around the world — though I was dubious after seeing the Inca Trail ranked #1. 😦

It’s not even one of the best hikes to Machu Picchu.

Here’s their top 10:

1 Inca Trail
2 Mt. Kilimanjaro
3 Tour du Mont Blanc
4 Torres del Paine Trek
5 Everest Base Camp
6 Annapurna Circuit
7 Routeburn Track
8 West Coast Trail
9 John Muir Trail
10 Tongariro Northern Circuit

full list –

Up front on the site is this truth:

The idea of ranking a trek is ridiculous. To claim that one trek is superior to another is complete conjecture. But everyone loves a good ranking. …

Check it out.

Epic Treks

The now defunct Get Outdoors blog called rankings like this “meaningless lists“. 🙂

Founded in October of 2010 in Kathmandu, TrekkingPartners helps people find like-minded partners for their outdoor activities.

People can post a trip for others to join or join someone else’s, whether it be hiking in the mountains or biking across the country.

TrekkingPartners helps people share costs, promotes safety, and find a companion to share the adventure with.

Trips are listed from all over the world. But Himalayan adventures are front and centre.

They have about 2000 members.

I’m #2001, having just joined. 🙂

Trekking Partners

Check out

Kolby Kirk – 100 hikes

Back in the day, I followed Kolby’s 100 hikes project.

Very creative.

He’s back for more.

“I resolve to hike one hundred times and seven hundred trail miles by 2014.”

Kolby Kirk

100 hikes

When I saw him in April, he’d already reached 50 hikes.

Looks good. Right?

… A new job might be slowing him down a bit for the last 50. 🙂