Epic Treks

I’ve just subscribed to a site new to me. It lists hundreds of great treks around the world — though I was dubious after seeing the Inca Trail ranked #1. 😦

It’s not even one of the best hikes to Machu Picchu.

Here’s their top 10:

1 Inca Trail
2 Mt. Kilimanjaro
3 Tour du Mont Blanc
4 Torres del Paine Trek
5 Everest Base Camp
6 Annapurna Circuit
7 Routeburn Track
8 West Coast Trail
9 John Muir Trail
10 Tongariro Northern Circuit

full list – epictreks.com

Up front on the site is this truth:

The idea of ranking a trek is ridiculous. To claim that one trek is superior to another is complete conjecture. But everyone loves a good ranking. …

Check it out.

Epic Treks

The now defunct Get Outdoors blog called rankings like this “meaningless lists“. 🙂

3 Replies to “Epic Treks”

  1. Thanks for the Post! I have since adjusted the ‘Ranking’. Initially I intended the trek ranking to be determined by the users. But I ended up on focusing more on the content than the ranking tools. As we all know ranking trails is silly anyways. I am always looking to hear about wicked backpack trips. If there is an awesome trek that I don’t have noted let me know!

  2. I think this is a list of “Best-known treks”. It’s possible they created the site based on some algorithm that scans other lists into a compilation, and they have never left their desk.

    1. Growing up in British Columbia all I ever knew about were treks in our area. I love to travel and hike so I decided to research epic backpack trips around the world. While my wife and I have done many of them we have only just scratched the surface. All of the photos on my site are taken by my wife (unless of course she is in the photo, in which case it is by me and is probably blurry.) Its unfortunate that my site comes off as unauthentic and will take your advice and try to legitimize and personalize it more.

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