Gosainkund & Helambu – day 2

Trip report by site editor Rick McCharles

Foprang Danda 3190m – Gosankund 4380m

Enjoying my morning coffee in paradise.

Rick Coffee


The Lodge owner walked me out to a shortcut trail through the haunted forest, skipping Sing Gompa, saving perhaps an hour. Since I was already acclimatized for altitude from the Langtang trek of the previous week, the faster I got high, the better.



Mountain vistas got better and better. The Ganesh Himal is impressive. These peaks are rarely climbed.


Cholangpati village 3600m is impressive. Laurabina 3910m, even better.

For lunch I had local fried potatoes for the first time. With local mushrooms. Delicious.


On one side of me was a group of loud Israelis. The other side a group of Germans. None had been born when Hitler committed genocide. I wondered how big a rift remains.



Up. Up. Up.





I love hiking above the clouds. 🙂


Ganesh greeted me.


I knew I must be getting close to Gosainkund, the lakes sacred to Buddhist and Hindu. Pilgrims flock here during monsoon, braving leeches, floods and landslides. About 30,000 come each summer. There are places to sleep for about 300. 😦


Sunset from Gosainkund village was spectacular. No surprise there!



Spent most of that evening chatting with a couple of young ladies who holiday together. One from France, one from Turkey, now living in London. You meet some interesting people in the Himalaya. Especially when hiking independently and solo.

see all my high resolution photos from this day

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