6 Replies to “17 famous Mountain Peaks”

  1. She compiled terrific photo’s of some nice peaks. But being a sucker for lists, I would have preferred a more serious attempt to define the Worlds Most Recognizable Peaks. These definitely weren’t it! Highly experienced mountaineers would have failed to identify many of those, so they weren’t “recognizable” at all. Mt. Blanc for example is one of the best summits, but it’s actually hard to identify.

    Show outdoor people photo’s of 100 mountains; my guess is these wouldn’t be the best photo’s, but people could identify the following:

    10. Fuji
    9. Kilimanjaro
    8. Eiger (Nordwand)
    7. Everest (not as easy to recognize as one would think)
    6. Mount Kailash (plenty of Hindu’s won’t miss this one)
    5. Torres del Paine (the 3 towers are easier to identify than Fitzroy)
    4. Mount Rainier (volcanos are easier to identify)
    3. Grand Teton (unmistakable skyline viewed from Jackson Hole)
    2. Half Dome (extremely distinctive; nothing else looks remotely like it)
    1. Matterhorn (in a class by itself; easily the most recognizable mountain in the world)

      1. Yes, I considered Assiniboine – the “Matterhorn of the Rockies”. My girlfriend and I scampered up it one day – it’s excellent. Problem is like you say, unless one lives in the area (or appreciates classic peaks), it’s off the radar.

        Assiniboine would place high in the top ten list of: Peaks You Should Climb But Never Have And Probably Never Will! 😉 It seems like more and more people are doing the most prominent summits, while less and less are doing the less well known but often better ones.

  2. I respectfully disagree with Buzz on Torres del Paine being more recognizeable than Fitz Roy. Fitz Roy is the famous shark fin on the Patagonia logo and is more dominant around El Chalten, which is growing in popularity. However, Torres del Paine are in many ways more impressive, so it may be more deserving!

    I posted this on Fitz Roy earlier this year and is one of my most popular posts of 2010:

    1. I certainly won’t argue your point; it’s a coin toss really.

      Yes, when Chouinard, Tompkins, et al drove their VW bus down from Ventura in 1968 and climbed what came to be known as the California Route, Fitzroy was indelibly etched into the minds of climbers forever.

      However, and with no stats to back me up, I would say probably 10X as many people see the famous Torres – the “W” route is very popular, as there are 10 refugio’s out on the trails, making overnight hiking much easier.

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