no Monowalker for Christmas

I’m disappointed that nobody was thoughtful enough to gift me one of these …

Perhaps it’s the price … $1000 and up.

… Weight: 7 kg/ 15.5 lb

Payload: 45 kg/ 100 lb

Upgrade: Can be reconstructed as backpack or bicycle trailer

… the Monowalker is specifically geared towards hikers, trekkers and backpackers who want to hike without weight on their shoulders. Instead of busting your back and shoulders to the next campsite, the Monowalker places all of the weight of your equipment on your hips and on the back wheel of the contraption.

The makers of the Monowalker claim they haven’t found one trail in the Alps that has stopped the Monowalker from following them – this includes scree and root covered trails. …

Smokey Mountain Hiking Blog

One Reply to “no Monowalker for Christmas”

  1. All depends on the terrain being covered, I think. I’d hate to drag it up hill on an uneven surface or especially down hill! But for covering long distances, I like the idea.

    In the photo, it also looks like that the wheel is riding a ski to help with the snow. Usually a sled pulled from the waist works just as well.

    But to hike across Texas, I think it would be helpful. Does it come with a light weight kickstand?

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