ART OF WALKING – Great Ocean Walk, Australia

The Great Ocean Walk opened in 2006. A gorgeous 104 kilometres (65 mi).

You can do it guided or independently. But only east to west. And carrying enough water is a logistical challenge.

A one hour TV special promoting the tourist attraction premiered on Australian and New Zealand’s National Geographic Channel on 2 May 2010.

ART OF WALKING, Great Ocean Walk, Victoria.

This unique documentary follows in the footsteps of three remarkable walkers, John Francis, Katarina Witt and Michael Milton as they take a journey along Australia’s most spectacular coastline.

Is there an art to walking? This unique documentary follows three remarkable walkers along Australia’s most spectacular coastline as they explore walking as art, inspiration and self-discovery.

Click PLAY or watch the trailer on YouTube.

I think we need more celebrities hiking. Justin Beiber doing the West Coast Trail while Gaga does the East Coast Trail in Canada.

One Reply to “ART OF WALKING – Great Ocean Walk, Australia”

  1. Wow! That really looks amazing. I’d love to get over there and walk with that amazing scenery to look at. I agree, we should see more celebrities enjoying simple things like walking, playing frisbee in a park, cycling, and all in all being active in fun, healthy, easy to do ways. Thanks for creating a new “must-visit” on my life list!

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