top 10 trekking peaks

We’ve updated our top 10 section. With input from Kraig Becker, of the Adventure Blog. He’s recently back from his second climb of Kili. 🙂

Top-10#1) Mt. Kilimanjaro, Tanzania 5895m
#2) Cotopaxi, Ecuador 5897m <wiki><pb><sp>
#3) Island Peak, Nepal 6189m <wiki><pb><sp>
#4) Mera Peak, Nepal 6476m <wiki><pb><sp>
#5) Stok Kangri, India 6153m <wiki><pb><sp>
#6) Huayna Potosí, Bolivia 6088m <wiki><pb><sp>
#7) Misti Volcano, Peru 5822m
#8) Mt. Toubkal, Morocco 4167m <wiki><pb><sp>
#9) Mt. Rainier, USA 4392m <wiki><pb><sp>
#10) Mont Blanc, France 4810m <wiki><pb><sp>

Aconcágua, Argentina 6,960.8m can be a walk-up. But not many would be willing to call it a trekking peak. 🙂

Trekking peaks are mountains under 7,000 metres (22,970 ft) climbable by anyone with a moderate amount of mountaineering experience and minimal gear.

Others considered for the top 10:

  • Chimborazo, Ecuador 6,268m <wiki><pb><sp>
  • Khüiten Peak, Tavan Bogd, Mongolia 4374m <wiki><sp>
  • Mt. Elbrus, Russia 5642m <wiki><pb><sp>
  • Lhakpa Ri, Tibet 7045m <pb>

Leave a comment if your favourite walk up peak is not listed.

South Coast Track, Tasmania

We’ve added an information page for those wanting to organize for the famed South Coast Track in Tasmania, one of our top 10 coastal hikes in the world.

World → Austalasia → Australia → South Coast Track

The South Coast Track is a challenging walk in a region of Tasmania exposed to harsh weather conditions. There are no huts along the track. Track conditions are often difficult. Walkers must be fully self-sufficient, well-equipped and experienced.

New Harbour Lagoon


  • surreal, unique Tasmanian seascapes
  • entirely within Southwest National Park
  • flying in, walking out, the standard route is 82km (51mi)
  • 6-8 days Melaleuca to Cockle Creek
  • best months December to March

tastrails SCT map

South Coast Track information page

100 Classic Hikes

36 countries on 6 continents.

Cam Honan:

Listed below are 100 multi-day hikes that I have had the good fortune of doing from 1995 to the present day. In my opinion they are all “great”  or “classic” hikes, however I have refrained from assigning them any type of order other than alphabetical. How can one compare the jaw-dropping grandeur of high alpine regions to the stillness and timeless quality of the desert?

The Hiking Life



editor: I’ve started clicking my way through Cam’s impressive list.

By comparison, I’ve only done about 35 of those, in part or in whole.

Leave a comment if you know of any hiker who’s done MORE of the world’s best hikes?

U.S. long-distance hiking trails

Hiking has gone Hollywood with the film adaptation of Cheryl Strayed’s bestselling backpacking memoir Wild – and the Pacific Crest Trail is its real star. If the film inspires you, here are 10 trails that explore the stunning US wilderness

Pacific Crest Trail: California, Oregon and Washington, 2,663 miles

John Muir Trail: California, 210 miles

Continental Divide Trail: New Mexico, Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho and Montana, 3,100 miles

Appalachian Trail: 14 states from Georgia to Maine, 2,185 miles

The Long Trail: Vermont, 272 miles

The Hayduke Trail: Arizona and Utah, 812 miles

The Grand Enchantment Trail: Arizona and New Mexico, 770 miles

The Ozark Highlands Trail: Arkansas, 218 miles

The Ice Age Trail: Wisconsin, 1,200 miles

The Superior Hiking Trail: Minnesota, 296 miles

Guardian – Top 10 long-distance hiking trails in the US

Click through for a brief summary, links and shorter highlights of each.

Grand Enchantment Trail - Photograph: Prisma Bildagentur/Alamy
Grand Enchantment Trail – Photograph: Prisma Bildagentur/Alamy

December, January & February hikes

Adventures Within Reach recommends some of the best hikes during each month of the year.


Our Top Trek Recommendation: Vietnam Trekking

Runner Up: Mount Meru, Tanzania


Our Top Trek Recommendation: Aconcagua, Argentina

Runner Up: Hill Tribes, Thailand


Our Top Trek Recommendation: Torres del Paine, Patagonia, Chile
Runner Up: Gorilla Trekking, Rwanda

A Trek For Every Month: Top Hikes Around The World (December, January & February)


While it’s possible to hike all the way to the top of Aconcagua, we’d recommend you hike around the great peak instead. 🙂