Alice Ford’s top Hikes in the World

The Alice Ford Adventures Channel on YouTube is terrific for hikers.


Recently Alice posted a video of her top 20 hikes on planet Earth.

Tour du Mont Blanc, Alps
West Coast Trail, Canada
Skyline Trail, USA
Wonderland Trial, USA
GR 20, Corsica
Lost City, Columbia
Trans Bhutan Trail
Kalalau Trail, Hawaii
Paine Treks, Patagonia
Salcantay Trail, Peru
Annapurna Circuit, Nepal
Alta Via, Italy
Banff Highland Traverse, Canada
Laugavegur and FimmvörðuhálsTrek, Iceland
Arctic Circle Trail, Greenland
Sentinal Trail Tugela Falls, South Africa
Buckskin Gulch, USA
Great Ocean Walk, Australia
Three Capes Track, Australia
Milford Track, New Zealand
Grand Canyon Rim-to-Rim, USA

Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

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