Pliegue Tumbado hill, Fitz Roy, Argentina

trip report by BestHike editor Rick McCharles

The Loma del Pliengue Tumbado is a chain of three round rocky summits at 1340m, 1420m and 1550m. In Spanish “Loma” could translate as “Hill”. Pliegue Tumbado being the name of this chain of hills. …

Should you have only one day in  El Chaltén, rush there, have a picnic on top and come back with hundreds of pictures. …

The trail starts from the Visitor Center at the entrance of El Chaltén (alt. 400m).

At first, follow the signs indicating “Laguna Toro”.

Then there will be a distinctive sign showing the Loma del Pliengue Tumbado, where the trail splits.

It is an easy ascent on a good trail all the way long.

If you go up to the highest summit at 1550) you will have to hike 1100m (altitude gain), which takes about 3h 30


Here are some photos from my day hike. The high peaks hold the clouds. This micro-climate is infamous in Patagonia. It’s deadly for mountain climbers.

Visitor Center

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