Langtang Trek – day 8

Trip report by site editor Rick McCharles

Bamboo 1970m to Syabrubesi 1503m


I only had a couple of hours left on foot to reach “civilization” (slow internet). So it was a late awakening and a leisurely descent.







Always a pleasure watching newbies heading up … while you are heading down. 🙂


Needless to say, descending the Langtang gorge requires a fair bit up ascent.


I was feeling pretty mellow, at this point.


There she be. The big city of Syabrubesi.



Needless to say, China is keen on road building into Nepal. A mixed blessing. This new road is one of the three easiest ways to drive across the border.


Having been offline for 8 days, I was keen to get online. Unfortunately clouds reduced the speed of satellite link.

There is a bank and ATM in Syabrubesi. But the town is pretty quiet aside from early morning, when buses leave. And late afternoon, when buses arrive.


I caught up with Kevin and Delphine in town. Their trekking peak, Kyanjin Ri, had been a thrilling success.


The France Canadians would head back to Kathmandu 7am next morning, with 4 days left on their Nepal holiday to explore the valley.  Delphine is ready for early retirement. 🙂

We celebrated our excellent Langtang adventure with beer and peanuts. Guide BJ even had a sip or two of alcohol. He normally does not drink.

There’s plenty of partying in Syabrubesi when people finish their treks.


Next day I’d carry on up to the icy Gosainkund lakes. And from there walk back to Kathmandu via the Helambu. Another 8 days or so.

Rick Helambu

see all my high res photos from this day

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