Langtang Trek – day 4

Trip report by site editor Rick McCharles

Langtang Village 3430m to Kyanjin Gompa 3830m

We stayed at the Tibet Hotel in Langtang. But all teahouses in any given location are near identical. It really doesn’t matter which one you choose. Cost and quality are the same.

As usual, I waited until the mob of trekkers, porters, pack animals and guides cleared out of the village. The last thing I want trekking in the Himalaya is rush hour.

I sipped milk coffee and enjoyed the morning sun waiting for trails to clear.


These Himalayan villages are interesting. Especially after the tourists have disappeared in the morning.


The stupendous wide Langtang valley runs east-west, parallel to the Tibet border, enjoying a lot of sun.


A highlight for me are the many different grazing animals, especially the Yaks.


Long, long mani walls and many stupas remind you that this is Buddhist Tibet not Hindu Nepal.


In 2014 another one of these superb bridges was completed.


Kyanjin Gompa. End of the line for many Langtang trekkers.


I caught up with my group for lunch. Egg noodle soup with extra egg and egg noodle chowmein.


No meat is sold in Langtang valley. The chickens are here strictly for eggs. Yaks strictly for milk and cheese.

Up, up, up right after lunch.


We would “sleep low, climb high”. Acclimatization paramount.


There are stupendous views looking towards Tibet. Monstrous glaciers.


Kevin and Delphine with their guide BJ. He led my Manaslu Circuit trek last year. And I hope to trek with him again in future.


We could have stopped here at the first viewpoint. But the ridge walk up was too tempting.



Vistas got better and better.



Photos give you just a hint of the magic of the Himalayan light. You feel you can touch the highest mountains in the world, the relief and contrast so striking.


About 45min up from the first prayer flags we reached the summit of Kyanjin Ri at 4850m. I left a Summit Stone.


Prayer flags are believed to have originated with Bon, which predated Buddhism in Tibet.



BJ knew a different and easier way down. We descended via this sandy watercourse.


That night we learned a guy at our lodge on his own had tried a different descent on Kyanjin Ri, getting lost. Sometimes it’s nice to have a guide. 🙂

On the return we visited Kyanjin Gompa itself, sadly now disused. The monks long gone. Only about 3 times a year do some return for festivals.

An elderly woman unlocked it for a donation.




I was more interested in the food and fuel being stored away for the coming winter.



By dinner we were tired and had slight headaches. It had been a big day for altitude. Perhaps we pushed it too high. Some on our exact same itinerary were down, altitude sick.


The night sky was fantastic.

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