Dientes Circuit, Chile

The Dientes Circuit in Chile is of the best hikes in the world.

It’s also called:

Isla Navarino Circuit
• Circuito Dientes de Navarino
• the teeth of Navarino


Leo Turpan via email:

Just got finished with the Dientes trek yesterday. Pretty amazing stuff out there.

Got a bunch of snow, but it made for a beautiful christmas and even more beautiful landscape. …

Getting to Puerto Williams:

Option 1- Boat from Ushuaia (doesn´t leave everyday, need to check departures at Ushuaia dock) $750 Argentinian Pesos, about $115

Option 2- Ferry from Punta Arenas (leaves only once or twice a week, Tranbordadora Austrual Broom, takes 30 hours but is highly recommended) $90,000 Chilean Pesos, $170 US

Option 3- Flight from Punta Arenas (one flight everyday, I think.) $60,000 Chilean, $115 US

Town/Trek Info:

-There is one map of the trek, not professional, but does have contour lines and GPS markers. The map can be purchased from a small camping store near the center of town. The store also stocks some types of gas, knives, tents, sleeping bags, etc. You can also rent a GPS there that has the circuit route already uploaded

-There are two supermarkets in the center of town that stock all the basic food necessities

-Multiple hostels in town, all priced at 10,000 Pesos or more. All have info about trek

-Register for hike at the police station, no rangers or servicemen on this trek


-31 Km route, 4 days 3 nights recommended, some do it in 5 days but pace is slow

-clockwise direction starting from Puerto Williams; do NOT reverse the route, you will not have a good time.

-A decent amount of trailfinding will need to be done, do not underestimate the mileage, miles are long due to weather, trailfinding, and trail conditions

-The route can be extremely muddy and wet, gaiters and gortex are a good idea

-Can camp virtually anywhere

-Tons of water

-can extend the trek with a connection to the Lago Windhond trek

-2 hour walk back to Puerto Williams on the road once you reach the end of the trail, but Chile is known as an easy place to hitchhike



Check out Dientes information page.

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