GR20 Trek Corsica – day 5

trip report by besthike editor Rick McCharles

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Thursday, June 30th, 2011

The woods where I had tented were incredibly chewed up. Seems the forest floor is excavated by 45,000 feral pigs (VIDEO), though I saw none in a week.

Turned out I had camped quite close to the only road I would cross in a week, bringing hikers to Castel di Verghio ski station. There’s a hotel and camping, but most GR20 hikers slept in this Refuge.

Buses do stop here. But I’d decided to continue for at least 3 more days.

I joined the crowds departing at about 8am, descending into a lovely woods.

After about an hour in the trees, an easy trail winds up the hills to this oratory.

Like yesterday, it’s very easy hiking. This was the most rugged section.

I’d been waiting days for my first glimpse of Lac de Nino.

David Abram:

… an exquisite high-altitude lake cradled by 2000m+ peaks. … grazed by herds of wild horses. … this unique spot has an air curiously reminiscent of the Central Asian steppes. …

It’s certainly uniquely different than any other part of the GR20. But are these horses actually wild?

A treat. The only significant section of flat trail I tramped.

You could mountain bike this!

Mangaru Refuge was easily the tidiest of those I checked out.

It even has a modern recycling system.

From there it’s a 650m ascent to Breche de Capitellu 2225m.

The ridge section between the famous Breche de Capitellu (at 2225m the GR’s highest point) and Bocca Muzzela is a non-stop parade of stupendous scenery.

Capitellu and Melu

With the clouds blowing in and out, it reminded me of Machu Picchu.

Here’s the night view from my tent, my favourite camp site on the GR20.

See more annotated photos from day 5.

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