GR20 Trek Corsica – day 6

trip report by besthike editor Rick McCharles

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Friday, July 1st, 2011

Good morning GR20.

Another perfect day. I’m loving the view from this ridge.

Up at elevation, the wild flowers were even better than down in the valley.

From the pass — Bocca Muzella — I could see the trail climbing the ridge across the valley. Sweet.

After scrambling down to Refuge Petra Piana, hikers asked where I had slept. … And were were envious.

The water source there was highly appreciated.

From here it’s a high, dry ridge walk. This is what the GR20 is all about.

I liked the looks of the pig proofed tent area. So decided to stop earlier than any other day.

That’s Refuge de L’Onda. The first campsite where I wasn’t totally exhausted on arrival.

… By this point I had resolved to hike only one more day, catching the train at Vizzavona. That would be enough GR20 for me.

See more annotated photos from day 6.


Shout out for David Abram’s guidebook. Normally I hate cartoon not-to-scale maps, but the ones in this book are excellent. Very descriptive.

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