Dientes Circuit, Patagonia

The Patagonia You’ve Never Heard Of

Backpacking southern Chile’s obscure and wild Dientes Circuit

By Michael Lanza

As our 20-seat, twin-engine Otter DHC-6 prop plane drops through the ever-present Patagonian cloud cover, the Beagle Channel comes into view. On both sides, green hills rise to craggy, treeless mountains. To the north, the jagged Fuegian Andes of Argentina push into the sky. To the south looms our destination: the sharply pointed spires of the Dientes de Navarino. With a steep banking turn, the plane glides down onto the airstrip in the southernmost town in the world, Puerto Williams on Chile’s Navarino Island. …

read the trip report on The Big Outside

22.7-mile (36.5k) circuit

If you are not confident to go on your own, you can do this one guided, 6 days, 5 nights ($1300+) , by aonikenk.

I keep posting Dientes, the most southerly established trek in the world, because I’m still frustrated at having missed it myself on my one trip to the tip of South America.

I’m seriously considering going back in 2012.

Check out Dientes information page.

5 thoughts on “Dientes Circuit, Patagonia

  1. 6 days to go 22.7 miles? That’s 4/mpd!

    I actually thought it was a little longer than that, but regardless, very worth it. One tricky navigational point in finding the route to the pass on the way back. Four of us had b’fast at the hosteleria and were back in time for El Gato Negro (litre tetrapak of wine) with our dinner.

    Flying to Ushuia is easier, as it is the jumping off point for Antarctica, and it turns out there are splendid trails leaving from that town. We took a motor launch across the Channel but you have to ask around to find it.

    • What? You’re dissing my favorite wine? 😉

      Well, it’s probably like Yak Butter Tea … tastes good when you’re “on location”, but not so good back at home.

      • My recollection is it tasted like cheap red wine (expected) with spare change floating in it (unexpected). I’m not saying I didn’t drink it… we didn’t haul that crap three days on the Torres del Paine circuit for nothing!

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