best way to hike Lofoten Islands, Norway

Lofoten is without question one of the best hiking destinations in the world.

Bunes Beach hike

But it’s remote.

Also, Norway is very expensive.

The gateway for most people is the town of Bodø, the end of the train line north. It’s often cheaper and easier to fly as the train is a 17 hour overnight journey.

From Bodø you have options. If you don’t have your own transportation easiest is to make a loop by ferry and bus.

Take the fast passenger ferry Bodø to Svolvær. About 4 hours.

Your first hike should be Fløya & Devil’s Gate. The trailhead is about a half hour walk from the ferry landing.

From Svolvær you would take buses or hitchhike the only highway west through islands A to V to F to M. 

M Moskenes (Moskenesøya) has the best hiking. Save it for last.

Reine is the best base town for Moskenes. You can do 3-4 awesome hikes out of the same town.

From the village of Å (the last letter of the Norwegian alphabet) you can catch the slow ferry back to Bodø. About 4 hours.

The weather is dreadful. For any 7 day period during the hiking season you may have several days of serious wind and rain. These should be rest days if you have time.

If you have your own vehicle — or decide to rent a car — you can go when and where you want. That’s ideal.

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  1. Copyright issue

    I just noticed that on this article you nicely advertise for the book I have written with Magdalena “Hiking the Lofoten Islands – ISBN9082664402), unfortunately the link point to an other book which is called “Explore Lofoten” which has nothing to see with us. I suppose this is a mistake and I will ask you to correct it promptly in order to clarify the problem.
    Hope to hear from you soon.
    Best regards,
    David SOUYRIS – Co author and editor of “Hiking the Lofoten Islands”

      1. Dear Rick,

        Ok no problem, but then I will kindly ask you, to change the title of the book in your article, as you wrote:
        “The hiking guidebook I used is Hiking the LOFOTEN ISLANDS by Kristin Folsland Olsen. ”
        The book with the title Hiking the LOFOTEN ISLANDS, is not written by Kristin Olsen. Her book is named “Explore Lofoten”. Please correct this as you are using our title to advertise for a totally different book. You even kept the capital letter on the “LOFOTEN ISLANDS” which is exactly the way the title of our book is spelled. You can check here on Amazon and see that the book you mention is not written by K. Olsen: But you know that already as you read and used her book.
        Please remove our title from your article as soon as possible, if it isn’t done in a week from now, you will be directly contacted by our lawyer.

        Have a great day,

        Best regards,
        David SOUYRIS

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