top 10 hiking blogs

As chosen by Tom Mangan:

What’s a hiking blog need to make my personal top 10? Let’s start with:

Timeliness: Newsy, relevant, plugged in to the latest doings and technology.

Stamina: We’ve all got a few blog posts in us, but the best bloggers keep at it for years.

Trail-tested authority: These folks never come home clean on a Sunday night.

Compelling personal testimony: Full of stories that bear repeating.

read the list on Two-Heel Drive.

… I’m a bit partial to #6.

Hey … Three of those I was not yet subscribed to by RSS in Google Reader. Thanks Tom!

Note: Tom’s got the most complete list of hiking blogs online. (The main reason I don’t keep one.) … But he’s recently moved it to the bottom of Two-Heel Drive.


49 thoughts on “top 10 hiking blogs

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  2. Amazing List, Thanks!

    Check out Because the worst day on the trail is still better than a day in the office
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  7. Thanks for a great list. I would highly recommend #8, The Hike Guy. Kolby is a good friend of mine and just a great and genuine guy. I would love to see more blogs about the CDT – check out mine for a start! 😉

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    Thanks for sharing the list again

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