trek Dientes Circuit, Patagonia

An agency in Puerto Natales, Chile called Dragon de la Patagonia is now offering a guided trip on the Dientes Circuit on Isla Navarino.

On our list of the established best hikes in the world, this is the most southerly. Independent hikers often get lost.

… off the beaten track and through unspoiled nature and wild landscapes of Tierra del Fuego, far away from civilization. From Puerto Williams on Isla Navarino we prepare ourselves for this unique hike around the “Dientes de Navarino” – mountain chain.

During this hike we will walk through mystical southern beech forests, cross vast snowfields and have an impressive view over the Beagle channel. Over and over again we find ourselves close to the rugged peaks that give this hike its name while passing through this rough mountainous landscape. The nights on the trek we spend in a tent in the great outdoors with view on snow-covered summits with small lakes at their feet. Before and after the hike we sleep in comfortable guesthouses. …

details – Dientes de Navarino

The 9 day itinerary starts at $1990.

Check our Dientes information page.

4 thoughts on “trek Dientes Circuit, Patagonia

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  2. Getting there is a project, but the Circuito Navarino itself is fabulous. I admit to there being one spot where we questioned if we were on route or not. We took a 20′ motor launch from Ushuaia across the Beagle Channel, ran the Circuito the next day, then flew out the next. The cool way to get there is on the big boat out of Punta Arenas, but I recall it being twice weekly, and we didn’t feel like waiting around. I felt the plane was a cop-out, but it turned out to be interesting: big views of endless unclimbed, untouched, almost unnamed mountains.

  3. An organised trip for this hike might be a good idea. Tried to get over to Navarino while I was in Ushuaia in 2005 but found it impossible to get transport across – perhaps access might have got easier since then.

    Still did fantastic hiking on Tierra del Fuego – can highly recommend the Laguna Esmeralda and Paso de la Oveja treks from the Lonely Planet trekking in Patagonia guidebook (which I found excellent). Beautiful camping spots on both hikes. The hiking in Tierra del Fuego is really wild and there are hardly any trekkers compared to the perhaps more spectacular but certainly busier areas like Fitzroy and Torres del Paine.

    The National Park just outside Ushuaia is also worth checking out. Did a day hike up a nice peak there – think it was Cerro Guanico – for fantastic views over the Beagle Channel.

    btw take the bus from Puerto Natales – long but it’s great crossing the Magellenan Straits on a ferry!


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