best hike south coast Kauai, Hawaii

The Maha’ulepu Coast.

haula_beach.jpgAs the last accessible undeveloped coastline on the south shore of Kauai, Maha`ulepu is a quiet retreat, a place to get away from the crowds at popular resort beaches. …

The area is also a remote retreat for resident and visitor alike to be awed and inspired by its beauty and rich past. The scenic splendor of Maha`ulepu, natural and undeveloped, includes majestic Ha`upu Mountain over-looking the fertile valley, the dramatic coastal headlands, the intimate bays and long sandy beaches. …

Best Places Hawaii

We spent 2 days exploring, hiking and trail running the Maha’ulepu Coast with and without kids. Fantastic!

We started here, only steps away from a luxury resort:


The coastline is endlessly fascinating, but slightly dangerous. You would not want to fall on the jagged lava.


The biggest highlight was seeing two rare monk seals close up. They love to lounge and sleep on the beach — just like obese tourists.


The hike ends here:


Unless you ignore these signs, as local fishermen do.

Browse about 70 photos on flickr to see more of the Maha’ulepu Coast.

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