Kaapoko tunnel hike, Kauai, Hawaii

A local recommended an excellent, unique — but extreme — hiking adventure:


Get used to the mud. Most of the time, it’s easier just to go right through the middle while looking for submerged rocks and logs. If you do have hiking boots, it’s best to avoid overtopping them.

Maybe too extreme, or too dirty, for me.


What’s reassuring is that the 0.9 mile-long (1.5 km) tunnel is perfectly straight and you can see the light at the other end the whole way. It takes 20-30 minutes to reach that light. When you get there it is like a door onto another world.

details: Kaapoko Tunnel Hike (part 1) – A Kauai Blog

It’s called Secret Tunnel to the North Shore in the The Ultimate Kauai Guidebook

There are actually a second. And a third tunnel. Rarely visited. Difficult to find.

details: Kaapoko Tunnel Hike (part 2)

Thanks to Andy Kass for posting these trip reports.

I think I’ll go lie on the beach instead.

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