scramble the King’s Throne, Yukon

From some angles the King’s Throne looks like a King’s Throne, hence the name. It’s an easy climb or a tough scramble.

10km (6.2mi) in distance to the summit, about 6hrs return, moderately strenuous.

You have the choice of a 457m (1500ft) climb to rock glacier. Or — if conditions are good  — continue to the top, total ascent being 1,250-metre (4,100-foot) above the lake.  

The views are spectacular all the way up, so there’s no need to top out. Especially if it’s windy or you get “weather”.

You need to find transport to the Kathleen Lake campground 32km (20mi) south of Haines Junction, Yukon. We stayed there one night after our descent.

You will not feel rushed during the long days of the northern summer. It was light out until perhaps midnight when we were there.

Kluane National Park Hiking Guide

Kluane National Park Hiking Guide

Atop the King’s Throne you’ll be inspired to adventure deeper into this, the largest protected area of the world. But there are very few established trails. You’ll likely be bushwhacking. Or paddling.

Contributor Kelly Mock from Whitehorse suggests (instead) a spring ski tour of the most famous long trail in the park, Cottonwood.


3 Replies to “scramble the King’s Throne, Yukon”

  1. I climbed the Throne several years ago. The view of the valley and lake is spectacular. Unfortunately I only made it about 2/3rds of the way up but turned back due to the increasing wind, threat of rain and dusk. In good weather it is definitely a moderately strenous hike, especially facturing in the rapid elevation increase. I recommend leaving early in the day and (obviously) be prepare for any type of weather.

  2. A steady ascent pace for most hikers is 1000 ft/hr. So how does a peak with 6500 ft elevation have a return time of 4-6 hrs? An ascent time alone would be that or more…

    1. Good catch, alan.

      I had that wrong originally. Wikipedia says it’s only an ascent of 1,250-metre (4,100-foot) above the lake. I recall we pushed hard on that one as it was so late in the day. Also, we drank BOOZE on the top and lingered.

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