George Bush – National Parks video – pathetic

From everything I’ve heard and seen over the past 7-years, George Bush has been the worst President ever in terms of protecting the environment. National Parks, in particular, have been near lowest priority for his administration.

Just about every second day I get more bad news from the National Parks Traveler blog.

Now the White House has the nerve at the 11th hour to post a pro-Parks holiday YouTube video. At first I assumed it was an anti-Bush comedy clip. But it’s for real.

Like the Simpsons, George Bush has been reduced to self-parody.

Click PLAY or watch the President appoint his dogs to the rank of Jr. Park Rangers on YouTube.

This would be funny. If only it wasn’t so sad. Who’s advising those guys on how to flipflop to the green cause? This is viral marketing, bungled.

Americans — If you love National Parks, you should vote against the Republican Party.

(via Modern Hiker)

Read more details on the worst environmental President ever on the Get Outdoors blog.

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