Chilkoot Trail – Yukon to Alaska

Paul Nickodem posted an entertaining, succinct trip report of his speedy Chilkoot Trail hike on

We flew out of Juneau on tiny Skagway air, which is just a Piper Archer four seat aircraft. I was the co-pilot as we flew up the fjords and channels toward Skagway (population 1,500). My pilot was a 21-year-old girl from South Dakota and when she told me her age, I felt like wrenching the controls from her. The landing in Skagway would have made even the most gnarly world traveler cringe.

A major pucker factor as we skimmed a ridge and then stood the plane on its right wing as we banked into the deep corner of the mountains that Skagway is built into. …

Alaska’s Chilkoot Trail

It’s a trip through time. 53kms (33mi). Recommended 5 days, 4 nights. Best months mid-July to mid-Sept.

details on organizing to hike the Chilkoot Trail –

Klondike gold rush of 1898

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