attendance declining – USA National Parks

We’ve pooh-poohed the “doom and gloom” mongers in the past.

And we’ve even been part of the problem, criticizing drastic increases in National Park fees.

But perhaps this IS serious.

If the population does not want to visit National Parks, the Parks themselves will suffer most.

… attendance at Yosemite has dropped 17%, Death Valley at 28%, and camping and back-country trips are down 24% overall.

The Economist says “The importance of this decline can hardly be over-estimated for big environmental organisations such as the Sierra Club: they have depended on what one expert calls “a transcendent experience in nature”, usually in childhood, to gain new members and thus remain powerful lobbyists for environmental causes.”

No Child Left Inside: Economist on National Parks (TreeHugger)

What do you think?

Do we need to rally those who love the outdoors? Ask everyone to purchase an Annual National Parks pass in their country to support the outdoor cause?

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