5 walking regions in Italy

ENRICO FORTE Top 5 Trekking – Hiking spots of Italy on Newsvine.

The title is a little over-the-top, but it did give me some leads on hikes in Italy I had not heard of before:

1) Liguria

2) Lombardy

3) Trentino Trentino-Alto Adige

4) Veneto

5) Emilia Romagna

Friends just returned my Italia and it is near the top of my person must-hike list of destinations.

Certainly Alta Via 1 tops my list. That’s 150km hut-to-hut, the classic Dolomite high route.

Treks in the Dolomites: Alta Vie 1 and 2 (Cicerone Mountain Walking) – Amazon

Alta Vie 1 and 2 (Cicerone Mountain Walking)

Outdoorzy – press release

Outdoorzy.com released a benefits package today to its members. …

… four key benefits for members. (Membership is free)

• Moosejaw.com is offering 15% off outdoor gear and clothing on their site and 5% off sale items for Outdoorzy members.

• Island Outpost offers Outdoorzy members a free night at Jake’s in Jamaica if they book four nights. Jake’s is a bohemian resort on the south coast of the island with plenty of outdoor activities. From mountain biking to yoga, they have it all.

• Wend Magazine is offering Outdoorzy member $3 off a subscription. Wend is a new outdoor sports and adventure travel magazine that is getting rave reviews in the outdoor community.

• ImOutdoorsHosting.com is offering their very robust web hosting plan for just $4.95/mo (normally $6.95). Whether a member needs a blog or an ecommerce store, they cater to the outdoor industry.

Outdoorzy will also be releasing more benefits in the weeks and months to come.

Social Network for Active Outdoor Lifestyle Announces Benefits to Members – press release

Outdoorzy – home page

Outdoorzy press information

replace your Swiss Army Knife with an Atwood

Warren Long suggested this knife to lighten your pack yet some more:


Joel sums up: “Atwood’s multitools, unlike the common flip-out models, tend to be made from just a single piece of metal with various nubs that enhance the functionality. For instance, the ‘Mini Son of PryThing‘ above has a prying tool, a blade, and a bottle opener, wrapped with a simple cord around the hilt that is easily replaceable.”

Boing Boing

Sex in a Tent – Michelle Waitzman

wilderness1.JPGMichelle is everywhere these days. Look for a cover article on New Zealand Wilderness magazine.

Promoting her new book (which will certainly be a huge success) has Michelle on the book tour, both virtual and in the real world.

She was even interviewed by The Outdoor Station: listen to the audiocast.

Sex in a Tent: A Wild Couple’s Guide to Getting Naughty in Nature, Wilderness Press 2007

Sex in a Tent is a new book that tells you everything you need to know (but were too embarrassed to ask) about thoroughly enjoying the outdoors with a romantic partner.

Sex in a Tent is a mostly fun, sometimes serious guide to love, sex, and adventure in the great outdoors. In this penetrating look at what really goes on behind the tent flap, expert camper and outdoor love-maker Michelle Waitzman reveals everything you need to know to fulfill your wild fantasies. Showing you the best positions for campers (the tent tango), to recipes for a romantic meal in a Ziploc bag, to how to look and feel sexy when you’re wearing grimy zip-off hiking shorts and haven’t bathed in days (hint: zip ’em off and go skinny-dipping), she inspires you to leave behind the boring bed sheets and crawl into a tantalizing tent.


About the author:

Michelle Waitzman was a late bloomer when it came to the great outdoors. Born in the urban wilds of Toronto, she didn’t fall in love with camping until her late twenties, when a trip around Australia and New Zealand introduced her to the pleasures of a starry sky and a cozy sleeping bag.

Now spending time in the wilderness is an integral part of Michelle’s life, and she shares her passion for the outdoors (and outdoor passions) with her partner Gerhard. They live in Wellington, New Zealand where a tramp in the bush is never far away. Michelle decided to write this book after a decidedly uncomfortable and unsatisfying night in the woods, trying to break in their new tent. While there were lots of books on the market about how to start camping, or take your kids camping, couples seemed sadly under-represented.

Michelle blogs about the outdoors at LoveInATent.blogspot.com .

It’s family friendly blog though you may see the odd photo like this:

Hellooooo Dolly!

Sex in a Tent – get it on Amazon.com

why besthike is not a wiki

Our list of the best hikes in the world should be a wiki.


But the wiki software available as of today still … sucks.

Those packages are unusable by normal hikers.

Internet Duct Tape explains why. And holds out a glimmer of hope for the near future:

Any day now Google will be opening up registration for it’s JotSpot wiki software. It’ll be interesting to see if they can get over their product schizophrenia and intelligently integrate wikis with wordprocessing, spreadsheets, slides, blogs, email, calendar, rss readers and build an intranet solution that far outclasses anything currently available. They have all the pieces, and the killer knowledge that everyone is missing — how to build an intranet search that works over all the formats.

Do You Make These Mistakes with Wikis? 9 Ways To Build a Wiki That Doesn’t Suck « Internet Duct Tape


We will certainly put our database of best hikes into a wiki format once the software gets good enough.

The Beckoning Silence – Joe Simpson returns

The Beckoning Silence is one of the compelling mountaineering books written by Joe Simpson. It’s not as good as his Touching the Void, in my opinion, but is still brilliant:

The Beckoning Silence

The Beckoning Silence – Amazon

This month a documentary — also called The Beckoning Silence — with Joe Simpson as narrator, will be released. The film is loosely adapted from Joe’s book and was created by the same team that made the BAFTA-award-winning documentary Touching the Void, my favourite outdoor film ever. (It happened in the remote Huayhuash Mountains in Peru.)

The new film The Beckoning Silence is …

… the true story of four twenty-something climbers … who attempted to climb the notorious North Face of the Eiger in 1936. They began their ascent via an access shaft from a railway tunnel that ran halfway up the mountain, but before long, tragedy struck.

… unlike Touching the Void, this distinctly chilling story does not have a happy ending. All eventually perished. Kurz was the last to die, spending a frostbitten night within feet of rescuers before signing off with the line: “Ich kann nicht mehr” (I cannot go on). …

Joe Simpson: High flyer – The Independent

If it’s half as good as Touching the Void, it will be well worth getting a copy of the new film. (Available on 4DVD on November 5th.)

The Beckoning Silence will be shown at the Kendal Mountain Film Festival in the UK November 17th with Joe and the production crew in attendance. I’d love to be at that screening!

(via The Piton)

FloridaHikes.com – new look

I like it. (The font could be larger, though.)

Congratulations Sandra!


… hikes now have embedded Google maps, which you can print as you print off the hike information, and I’m learning how to embed my GPS tracks into the maps so they’re available too. The new website is more flexible, so I can post news snippets and articles as well as hikes, and I’ve added a much more robust forum for you to chat about Florida hiking.

Alas, because of the problems I had with forum spammers this summer, you must register to use the forum. However …. if you register, and send me a little detail about yourself (link to your own website, info about your hiking interests, etc), I will bump up your registration status to that of “author” so you, too, can submit your own pieces of content for the website: hikes, trip reports, articles, photos, whatever you like! You’ll see the option on the user menu after signing in.

floridahikes.com » Blog Archive » New season, new look!

I generally avoid hiking forums because of SPAM. Your new registration process will help.

Also DUMB. The misinformation posted by spelling-challenged morons. That is more difficult to restrict.


Banff Mountain Festival 2007, Oct 27 – Nov 4

I am planning to head out to Banff for the festival, my first time ever.

Though films are at the “heart of the festival”, there is much more happening. The Mountain Book events, for example. And the Adventure Trade Show for gear.


The 32nd annual Banff Mountain Film Festival, presented by National Geographic and New Balance, brings you the world’s best mountain films and speakers. Experience the adventure of climbing, mountain expeditions, remote cultures, and the world’s last great wild places — all brought to life on the big screen. …

Banff Mountain FILM festival


Banff Mountain Festivals 2007 SCHEDULE

I am still trying to decipher the ticketing page. They need fewer options.

Leave a comment if you are going to be there.

my long awaited hiking kayak – Alpacka Raft

For over 2yrs I’ve been researching inflatable and foldable kayaks I might carry for paddle hiking. Getting to good hiking routes by paddling across the lake rather than walking around.

It’s here. But it’s a raft. (Now to find the $800. Or a cheaper used one.)

Erin & Hig convinced me. They’re using Alpacka rafts on a 4 thousand mile charity journey from Seattle to Alaska.



more Alpacka Raft PHOTOS

Alpacka rafts come in three sizes: Small (Alpaca); Medium (Yukon Yak); Large (Denali Llama). I want the smallest, lightest, the Alpacka, likely with spray skirt.

Total weight is between 4-6lbs plus paddle. I can carry that!

Always follow the packrafting rule of “don’t float it if you can’t swim it”. These boats are incredibly tough for their weight, but they can still puncture if you are not careful. Good packrafters try to avoid hitting obstacles. (A patch kit is included.)

If interested, check out these links:

Alpacka Rafts – about

Interview – Alaska businesswoman Sheri Tingey, Alpaca Raft Inc.

Alpacka packrat – June ’07 Canoe & Kayak Magazine

packraft – Wikipedia

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