More Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies

Where I come from, the guidebook Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies, 3rd edition by Alan Kane is essential. Increasingly my hiking friends prefer hard, fun one day adventures over multi-day walk hauling a pack.

I love this book. And curse it, alternately. Needless to say, route finding on scrambles are not without their challenges. (We’re still arguing about the actual summit of Storm Mountain.)

I’m happy to announce the sequel, by a new author: Andrew Nagura.

Looks great. New routes for those of us who like to climb high, but don’t want to gear up for climbing.

More Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies

More Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies

3 Replies to “More Scrambles in the Canadian Rockies”

  1. This one was is very interesting. His website is a good one also. We are moving in that direction too, with long single day trips out… I was able to get a signed copy of Kane’s book years ago. Did you get a few at the Fest?!

  2. I purchased only a hiking guidebook for Vancouver Island, as I have a couple of trips in mind for next summer.

    And a stack of giveaway National Geographic magazines from the title sponsor.

    These days I prefer audio books. (While training for Adventure Racing they pass the hours.)

    I bought the Viesturs from

    Of course I have a LONG list of books which I will look for in the library. Overall the Book Festival was not as inspiring as I expected, this year.

  3. I tend towards the same – long day hike. Now that my wife is more into climbing than kayaking, I have a feeling I may have to think more about writing up the ridge tours around Waterton. There are a surprising number of nice 30-50k days with good positions and views.

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