MEC Transparent PVC-Free DryBags

Mountain Equipment Cooperative (MEC) in Canada (my favourite gear shop) has a great new product.

I love being able to find things without digging blind into the bag. And they are good for the environment, too.


MEC Transparent Dry Bag – $13.00 – $26.00 CAD – Made in USA

MEC believe they are the only completely transparent PVC-free drybags available at a consumer level. Not only that, in selecting a 0.5mm thick clear polyurethane they’re convinced the bags are also more flexible and more abrasion resistance than standard PVC drybags.

Treehugger – MEC Become Transparent with PVC-Free DryBags

10 Days, 24 Races, 1 Big Party!

The latest update on my Adventure Racing Team’s BIG event for 2009.

Adventure Sports Week is a 10 day long festival of 24 outdoor races, contests, clinics and social events taking place at Farragut State Park, 30 miles north of Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho, June 5—14, 2009.

The motto of this year’s event is “10 Days, 24 Races, 1 Big Party!” and the organizers and the surrounding communities are working hard to make that a reality. …

Atop Chilco Mountain, Idaho
Atop Chilco Mountain, Idaho

larger original – flickr

Local hospitality is only one of the things racers should expect at ASW 2009:

“We’re actually pretty pleased with how the many races are shaping up,” said event director Dave Adlard. “The
courses have all been set, and we’ve had marvelous response from celebrity and pro athletes including Ian Adamson, Mike Kloser, Rebecca Rusch, Robyn Benincasa and even Ultramarathon Man Dean Karnazes. I think between the festive atmosphere, great awards and gear and the amazing scenery, this is going to be one of the highlight events on the national racing calendar.”

Adventure Sports Week was also recognized in the recent National Geographic “Adventure” Magazine as one of the
top racing events in the US.

Online registration is now open at for all races.

Adventure Sports Week 2009

New website for our big Adventure Race in

From June 5—14, 2009, Farragut State Park, located just north of beautiful Coeur d’ Alene, Idaho, will host 24 different races and contests for outdoor enthusiasts and athletes of all ages and abilities!

With activities ranging from 4 & 8 hour mountain bike races to an orienteering meet, the official XTERRA Northwest Cup race, a Duathlon, 6 trail runs ranging in distance from 6k to 50 miles, five different adventure races (including one especially for kids!), a distance swim, a paddling event and many more, we’ve got something to satisfy the whole family!

Over 1000 athletes are expected to participate, and we want you to be a part of one of the USA’s largest outdoor festivals! will be there.


official website –

legend of Kayak Bill

Rocco forwarded us an amazing feature story in Sea Kayaker magazine:

… We asked the clerk at the Echo Bay general store about the kayaker, “Oh, that’s Kayak Bill. He has a camp at Eden Island, and a bunch of other camps around. He does a few odd jobs sometimes, but mostly he lives off the land. He started off from Vancouver about ten years ago to paddle to Alaska, but after wintering at Eden Island, he said he didn’t need to go any farther.” …

Kayak Bill – A Requiem

It’s well worth the read. Thanks to the author Keith Webb.

original – flickr

paddle hiking in Alaska

The Backcountry Blog inspires me to plan future paddle / hike adventures.

I recently did the Sanctuary River loop with my friend Sherrie. We took 3 days so we could hang out in the high country and explore. The route is from Cantwell to Denali Park, where you catch the bus back to the park entrance. It’s about equal parts hiking and floating . . . enjoy the view! …



more photos – The Sanctuary River . . . an Alaskan packraft classic!

I’d prefer an inflatable kayak over a packraft, however.

check this site:

The Adventure Blog gave a shout out to an outdoor adventure site called

It’s social networking where content is mostly generated by users.

I clicked through the “earth” section to see what hikes had been added so far. Here’s a sample page for the excellent Mt Katahdin, Maine scramble we posted recently:


See the original page.

Looks good.

I’ve joined as a member. (Free)

Check it put using the powerful search functions starting from the home page:

pedal across the Atlantic Ocean

Shout out to my old friend Greg Kolodziejzyk.

He made a fortune in the early days of the internet selling fonts to Adobe. Went on to more successful business ventures.

But these days Greg’s passion is extreme adventure. He wants “To conquer the world by human power.”

He has several sites including these two:

  • Adventures of Greg
  • Pedal the Ocean
  • Here’s a Discovery Channel interview describing Greg’s world record attempt to cross the Atlantic by pedal power.

    Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube.

    You’ll see he’s still in the testing phase of the home-made craft. Greg’s trip is scheduled to start in December this year, and is expected to take around 40 days.

    He’s considering alternative itineraries, including Canada to Hawaii. Since I’m enjoying the “Garden Isle” of Kaua’i so much right now — my vote is for Hawaii.

    Good luck buddy!

    about Greg Kolodziejzyk

    (via Straight to the Bar)

    Radical Reels video – Banff Mountain Film Festival

    I attended the Banff Mountain Film Festival in November and gave it a mixed review.

    It took until February before they posted the trailer for the current Radical Reels World Tour.

    But, it was worth the wait. Very well edited … even if it is partly a commercial for the sponsors.

    Click PLAY or watch it on YouTube. It features sports including skiing, climbing, kayaking, BASE jumping, snowboarding and mountain biking.

    (via Sierra Blogging Post)

    If you ever get the chance to see the touring Film Festival, or the touring Radical Reels festival, do it.

    Related: 2007 Radical Reels trailer

    exploring coastal Patagonia

    Cristian Donoso, a Chilean lawyer, has been exploring the remote western coast of Patagonia for over a decade. He won a 2006 ROLEX associate Laureate award.

    His latest expedition is a 5 months journey, 1250 miles (2,039 km), using kayaks to reach inaccessible waterways, glaciers, summits, caves, underground rivers, and wildlife preserves.

    The climate is harsh and unpredictable.


    Now this is ADVENTURE.



    Scroll down the trip website and you can quickly get an idea of what they face in that part of the world: transpatagonia expedition – official homepage

    (via The Adventure Blog)

    This journey reminds me of the concurrent Journey on the Wild Coast now in Alaska.