Baja Adventure

by site editor Rick McCharles

Have you seen the Baja Adventure Book?

The classic has not been updated since 1998, but it was a great inspiration for me. I recall reading it in a library many, many years ago.

I write from Loreto, Baja. Just arrived after a road trip of 3450km (2143mi) over 5 days. I’m here on holiday with my parents, but plan to get out for some serious hiking, biking and kayaking.

If you’ve got advice for me on the best Baja Adventures, please leave a comment.

2 Replies to “Baja Adventure”

  1. Kayak Isla de Espiritu Santo. It’s insanely good: wilderness camping, warm water, fish, protected from big swell. Outfitters from La Paz will drop you off and pick you up.

    1. Thanks Buzz. Espiritu Santo kayaking is one of the few Baja adventures I’ve done in the past. FANTASTIC.

      Looks like friends are going to loan me a kayak and I’ll go out near Loreto this time.

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